YouTube steps up censorship

A few days ago, Bill Gates Paul got a strike (three strikes typically results in a channel termination, so this is a pretty serious matter) on his YouTube channel, and as protective measure to prevent further strikes has deleted all but two of his videos, and also as a consequence of the strike is not allowed to upload new content to YouTube for a week.

The reason for his strike? Questioning the Covid narrative–a totally lame reason, as one can expect from YouTube. But good news, Trump is still looking into the matter, and the DOJ is suing Google (which will almost certainty be settled or do nothing, as I wrote and predicted last week), so that is reason for optimism. I have noticed that Bill and others who two months ago were critical, and rightfully so, of Trump for failing to do anything about censorship or other stuff he promised, have suddenly done a 180 because of the election and the Hunter Biden story. A year from now , if Trump wins and nothing has improved in terms of censorship, protests, and other stuff, what will the excuse be? We need to hold politicians accountable, or at least stop looking to politicians for answers. The reason why politicians, and we especially see this with conservatives, can defect and renege on their promises, is because they know that voters will still vote for them anyway, as the better of two bad choices. Nothing sends a stronger message than not showing up to the polls.

Bill says he will not make any new Covid videos, but I do not think it will be good enough to please YouTube. Strikes are not independent, uncorrelated events: getting a strike increases the likelihood of additional strikes, because the channel falls under increased scrutiny, and admins will look for any excuse to shut down the channel, especially if the content is controversial. Anyone to the right of Tim Pool is at risk of cancellation on YouTube. Ben Shapiro is not at risk because the CEO of YouTube personally said so (same for Tim Pool, who is also close with YouTube management). So, yeah, unless you are given the greenlight by Susan Wojcicki herself, extreme caution should be exercised when uploading any content that questions left-wing narratives on Covid, BLM, Hunter and Joe Biden, etc.. Eventually you will be banned. YouTube gives its creators a lot of rope to hang themselves. The banning is not immediate, but usually after said creator has generated a considerable following and invested considerable time into the planform…then the rug is pulled.