Against the Elite

It should be fairly obvious to readers that I’m not not a populist nor do I have ‘solidarity’ with populist/collectivist causes, whether it be organized religion, organized labor, political parties, or the ‘middle class’. Individualism within a ‘state‘ and enforcement of ‘rule of law’ (the minarchist approach) is my ‘interpretation’ of ‘Reaction’. Yours may differ.… Continue reading Against the Elite

The Daily View: Economics and Finance Edition

Interesting: Yes, the middle class has been disappearing, but they haven’t fallen into the lower class, they’ve risen into the upper class The middle class is shrinking because they are earning more money, rising to the ‘upper class’. Disagreement: Is the middle class disappearing into the upper class? First, $75,000 household income is hardly “upper… Continue reading The Daily View: Economics and Finance Edition

The Intellectual Solvent, Part 2

In Solvent, I posit that intellectual similarities are more important than ideological ones. A democrat and republican of equal IQ are more compatible than a conservative of a high IQ and another conservative of a low IQ. Unfortunately, I have no case studies to go by, so it’s mostly a hunch based on some empirical… Continue reading The Intellectual Solvent, Part 2

Against Intellectualism

I’ve seen this quote passed around a lot: I’m quite happy to be an anti-intellectual, actually. It is the modern equivalent of anticlericalism, and it is long overdue. One can oppose specific institutions without opposing thought in general. In fact, sometimes, it is even necessary. It’s hard to believe it came from Moldbug, being the… Continue reading Against Intellectualism

All Roads Lead To What We Have Now

From Streetwise Professor: The Last Shriek in the Retreat: Neocons Threaten to Leave the Republican Party Since 2008 or so, neoconservatism has become the whipping boy or black sheep of politics, blamed by liberals and conservatives alike for all sorts of problems – recession & banking crisis, war in Iraq quagmire, the deficit, and much… Continue reading All Roads Lead To What We Have Now

NRx vs. HRx

Been meaning to post this for awhile. HRx Takes Its Exit It speaks volumes that Land, the defacto leader of tech-com, chooses to reside in the autocratic PRC even though he hails Capitalism as saviour, Not sure why some think Land supports ‘tech com’, just because he occasionally links to technology and science articles? He… Continue reading NRx vs. HRx

Explaining America’s Economic and Social Stability

Fred Reed ponders the ‘endgame ‘ for America. Things do not look good. The country is disintegrating. The borders are open, against the will of much of the population. Our universities are in sharp decline, the students a rebellious unschooled rabble portending a peasant future. The economy gutters and standards of living fall. Jobs are… Continue reading Explaining America’s Economic and Social Stability

Abortion and Crime Revisited

The left wishes this weren’t so: Abortion: History’s Greatest Crime Fighting Tool Still not convinced? Don’t worry. There is more. The states with the highest abortion rates in the 1970s saw the greatest decline in crime in the 1990s, while states with low abortion rates experienced smaller crime drops. Furthermore, studies of Canada, Romania, and… Continue reading Abortion and Crime Revisited