A competent but boring presidency

TRUMP’S SECRET SAUCE Were “Trump” to exit the stage, which is entirely unlikely, it would not change a thing. The already rotted fabric of the constitutional fiction has been shredded now, making any restoration an anxious, vulnerable simulacrum. This sort of banal stuff should be a given by now so let’s move on. Your democracy… Continue reading A competent but boring presidency

Guided by the ‘correctness’ of our opinions

Scott’s article GUIDED BY THE BEAUTY OF OUR WEAPONS is going viral. He writes: Yet I have the opposite impression. Somehow a sharply polarized country went through a historically divisive election with essentially no debate taking place. As shown below, going as far back as 100 years, with the exception of FDR (everyone was united… Continue reading Guided by the ‘correctness’ of our opinions

A Letter to ‘Trump Haters’

I address this letter to ‘Trump haters’, not ‘Hillary supporters’, because based on personal observations, some of Trump’s biggest detractors also hate Hillary just as much, if not more (for denying Bernie Sanders the nomination, who would have been a better candidate). Trump’s win has elicited a visceral, almost primal, rebuke from otherwise rational, smart… Continue reading A Letter to ‘Trump Haters’

Why conservatives always lose

From John C. Wright: The Last Crusade: Rip van Con, and related: Why conservatives always lose. Conservatives are good at winning public office. Right now, the GOP has control of all three branches of government. The GOP controlled the executive branch for much of the 70’s-2000’s, save for Clinton and Carter. Obviously, the GOP platform… Continue reading Why conservatives always lose

‘I don’t think that candidate is who you think he is’

This meme applies to a lot of populists, non-interventionists, and fiscal hawks, who think Trump is one of them: The tax cuts and defense spending is a shoe-in…border control, wall, deportations, and trade deal renegotiation…much less likely. Politics is storytelling. Tell people a good story and they will vote for you. There’s a joke…politicians are… Continue reading ‘I don’t think that candidate is who you think he is’

Alt-Right: Classifications and Significance

For some reason the definition of the ‘alt right’ refuses to be resolved to anyone’s full satisfaction. My ‘definition’ is that the ‘alt right’ is a subset of ‘right’ that rejects the ‘mainstream’, which is a kinda circular definition, but taken literally that’s what ‘alternative’ means. The ‘alt right’ can include rationalists and pacifists (rejection… Continue reading Alt-Right: Classifications and Significance


An article by Sam Bowman on neoliberalism went viral: I’m a neoliberal. Maybe you are too Neoconservatives also support free trade, markets, and are consequentialist, unlike the far-right. They also tend to have a more optimistic outlook than either the far-left or the far-right. Neocons are typically consequentialist, supporting policy such as 2008 the bank… Continue reading Neoliberalism