Who is to blame: society or the individual

In Classification of Ideologies, I explore the differences between the far-left, the far-right, the centrist-left, the HBD-right, and in-between. Consider a problem such as poverty or unemployment: To the far-left (welfare liberals, Marxists, socialists, SJW-left, etc.), social problems are a failing of society (structural racism, discrimination, capitalism, etc.). The burden is a collective one, to… Continue reading Who is to blame: society or the individual


An article by Sam Bowman on neoliberalism went viral: I’m a neoliberal. Maybe you are too Neoconservatives also support free trade, markets, and are consequentialist, unlike the far-right. They also tend to have a more optimistic outlook than either the far-left or the far-right. Neocons are typically consequentialist, supporting policy such as 2008 the bank… Continue reading Neoliberalism