Is the ‘Red Pill’ Teaching Obsolete Skills?

It’s funny how Roosh, one of the main evangelizers of the masculinity/Red Pill movement, is being criticised for, well, not being ‘alpha’ enough. If Roosh can’t do it, what does that say about everyone else? What is means is that the Red Pill’s priorities could be misguided. Probably my only criticism of the Red Pill… Continue reading Is the ‘Red Pill’ Teaching Obsolete Skills?

Wisdom of the Markets

spooky …how did it, the market, know so soon? Of course, it may just be a coincidence and this particular company had problems beyond Challenger more detail: Stock Market Reaction to the Challenger Disaster This lends further credence to the EMH, which the left assumes is discredited because of the existence bubbles, crashes, and frauds.… Continue reading Wisdom of the Markets

Liberal Narrative Collapse

In 2008 we were all Keynesians. No we’re all libertarians, scientists and ‘brogrammers’. Everyone is getting richer and smarter than ever as wealth and intelligence becomes more important in today’s competitive economy. Some of the most up-voted posts on Imgur, a site that is the ‘zeitgeist’ of millenial thought, are photos of peaceful demonstrations in… Continue reading Liberal Narrative Collapse

Micro Economics 101

W’re still in perhaps the slowest new cycle ever. What is the future of the news media in a world where everything is deterministic and better than expected? Take the 2016 election, for example. We know it’ going to be a toss-up of Walker or Jeb vs. Clinton. The post-2008 economic expansion and epic bull… Continue reading Micro Economics 101

Peter Singer Conservatives

Peter Singer, Austrailian moral philosopher, recently did a Reddit AmA. The most pertinent quote about Peter Singer’s views, from Wikipedia: Ethical conduct is justifiable by reasons that go beyond prudence to “something bigger than the individual,” addressing a larger audience. Singer thinks this going-beyond identifies moral reasons as “somehow universal”, specifically in the injunction to… Continue reading Peter Singer Conservatives

Winner-Take-All Nation

From Techcrunch We Are All Venture Capitalists Now I feel like this chart is the only one that matters — Felix Salmon (@felixsalmon) April 11, 2015 In Extremistan, we are all tournament players, investing our limited time and money in unpredictable ventures that may succeed or fail, quickly or slowly. Wins are fewer, but… Continue reading Winner-Take-All Nation

Grey’s Razor

Hanlon’s razor states: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity. Today’s huge rally in tech stocks inspired my own version, Grey’s Razor: Never attribute to luck that which is adequately explained by intelligence. Yesterday, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft posted blowout earnings, with the Nasdaq surging 40 points in what is an… Continue reading Grey’s Razor

Embracing Modernity

It obvious Donavan is a luddite, of the same branch as primitivist anarchists John Zerzan and Kaczynski. He blames all of society’s ills on technology, as well as anticipating Americas decline, which is a liberal thing to do. Being ‘right-wing’ on some issues doesn’t change the fact he is ideologically aligned with the anti-technology left.… Continue reading Embracing Modernity