Taking the ‘Omega’ Pill

I’ve been somewhat of a critic of Red Pill philosophy…not the part about misandry and feminism, which I agree with, but the overemphasizes on ‘game’, masculinity, traditionalism, and self-improvement. If happiness is through self-fulfillment and recognition for your achievements, contributions, and accomplishments, I don’t think adhering to the Red Pill philosophy is necessarily the best… Continue reading Taking the ‘Omega’ Pill

Is the ‘Red Pill’ Teaching Obsolete Skills?

It’s funny how Roosh, one of the main evangelizers of the masculinity/Red Pill movement, is being criticised for, well, not being ‘alpha’ enough. If Roosh can’t do it, what does that say about everyone else? What is means is that the Red Pill’s priorities could be misguided. Probably my only criticism of the Red Pill… Continue reading Is the ‘Red Pill’ Teaching Obsolete Skills?