NRx Concepts: A Review

Here is an summary of NRx, from the comments of neo-reaction is in opposition to the Cathedral. possibly it is against the decay of what Walter Russell Mead calls “The Blue Model.” One workable stab at defining the commonalities of neo-reaction is that it is opposed to “The Cathedral,” whatever that is. I think… Continue reading NRx Concepts: A Review

NRx Ideology & Endgame, part 2

The recent dust-up over the ‘alt right’ has provoked some soul searching among the NRx community as to what, precisely, NRx means and or how a hypothetical NRx government should operate and ascend to power. Why I am not Neoreactionary more debate… First, the basics: we have the ‘alt right’, an umbrella term that encompasses… Continue reading NRx Ideology & Endgame, part 2

The NRx ‘Trichotomy’ Becomes a Dichotomy

From a Facebook post by Curt Dolittle, AN ANALYSIS OF THE STATE OF NRx AND ITS RELATION TO PROPERTARIANISM Neoreaction has its roots deeply embedded in San Francisco-area tech culture. Moldbug is a technologist who is now trying to upgrade the internet. Anissimov worked as media director for the Machine Intelligence Research Institute and gained… Continue reading The NRx ‘Trichotomy’ Becomes a Dichotomy

Taking Neo Reaction (NRx) To The Next Level

One, Neo Reaction (NRx) needs to be more pragmatic and instructive to make the leap from from philosophical movement to a political one, which means having to delineate political policy on the major issues. That means have a platform of ‘action items’, like political parties typically do. Such items could be to lower income taxes,… Continue reading Taking Neo Reaction (NRx) To The Next Level