Taking Neo Reaction (NRx) To The Next Level

One, Neo Reaction (NRx) needs to be more pragmatic and instructive to make the leap from from philosophical movement to a political one, which means having to delineate political policy on the major issues. That means have a platform of ‘action items’, like political parties typically do. Such items could be to lower income taxes, implement eugenics, bad immigration etc.

Two, more money to expand the reach of NRx. For example, ads to promote NRx, professionally designed websites (like how political websites are done), studio quality podcasts, professionally done books, etc. Whatever is done now – but taken to the next level. NRX doesn’t have an official logo. It needs one. But everyone is too atomized, which is understandable because smart people typically don’t like to conform. But without cohesion progress will be stunted.

Three, bridging ideological gaps, specifically between the ethno-nationalists and the techno-libertarians. The strife between the palo-right and the neocon/mainstream right is deeply ingrained and irreconcilable, but the reason why GOP doesn’t self-destruct is because the mainstream-conservative wing of the GOP substantially overpowers the palocon minority. My take on this is the ‘right’, which includes the NRx movement, should side with the Silicon Valley tech culture , as there is a sizable libertarian/right sub-culture in the Bay Area technology scene. Liberals like Tim Cook don’t speak for everyone there, it’s just that he is the most vocal, and maybe more libertarians want to speak up but fear the consequences of doing so. Besides its libertarian subculture, Silicon Valley is also an ‘HBD’ success story/microcosm in that it seems to reward high-IQ and individual exceptionalism more so than anywhere else in America.

Four, a leader. What drew me to NRx was seeing headlines about it in late 2013-early 2014 in such ‘mainstream’ sites as Wired, Daily Caller, Techcrunch, and while most of the coverage wasn’t flattering to NRx, it piqued my curiosity as to what this whole NRx thing was about, and I’m sure others were curious, too. I found myself agreeing with so much of it that I built this website. NRx’s ideology of anti-egalitarianism seemed to align with what I had written in 2012-2014, except I didn’t have a name for it. But I suspect the efforts of Nick Land and Moldbug are the reason why NRx got so much coverage in 2013, but with Moldbug apparently calling it quits in 2014, ending his final blog post with the uncharacteristically terse statement ‘Thanks for reading!’ , coverage has tapered off – substantially. Unfortunately, there is probably no one Moldbug’s caliber of intellect, knowledge of history, and writing ability fill his shoes. His inscrutable, seemingly interminable posts inspired awe – like an alien from a race of superior beings and wrote them and left them here for us mere triple-digit IQ morals to decipher. I’m speculating, based on Mr. Jones being too concerned, the the attention, a lot of which was in a negative light, may have been overwhelming and he wanted his own personal ‘exit’ from the movement he created. That’s understandable, especially when what starts out as a hobby begins to consume your life, but a NRx ‘leader’ must preserve in the face of libelous criticism, and if he does leave someone should quickly fill his void. Right now NRx seems to have a void, although Anismov, who seems to be the most visible in the NRx movement right now, could be unofficial ‘leader’…who knows.