NRx and Modernity

When I discuss modernity and my support for it, it is in the context of technology and economics, as opposed to the push towards progressive social and political norms. As I argue here and here, NRx should embrace technology. The arrow of technology is irreversible. Many on the right wish to return to simpler times,… Continue reading NRx and Modernity

Embracing Modernity, Part 2

From the infamous Nov. 2013 Tech Crunch article Geeks for Monarchy: The Rise of the Neoreactionaries that introduced thousands of people to NRx: Neoreactionaries believe that while technology and capitalism have advanced humanity over the past couple centuries, … The veracity of this statement is questioned among many reactionaries who argue that technology and free… Continue reading Embracing Modernity, Part 2

The NRx ‘Trichotomy’ Becomes a Dichotomy

From a Facebook post by Curt Dolittle, AN ANALYSIS OF THE STATE OF NRx AND ITS RELATION TO PROPERTARIANISM Neoreaction has its roots deeply embedded in San Francisco-area tech culture. Moldbug is a technologist who is now trying to upgrade the internet. Anissimov worked as media director for the Machine Intelligence Research Institute and gained… Continue reading The NRx ‘Trichotomy’ Becomes a Dichotomy

Revising the NRx Map

I’m sure everyone who is familiar with NRx had seen the NRx map, which groups some of the major ‘alt right’ blogs into various categories: The map was created in 2013 and needs to be updated to include new websites, but I also think the nine categories can be reduced to just two: the ethno-nationalists/traditionalists… Continue reading Revising the NRx Map

Neo-Reaction & Techno-Libertarianism

Recently I got into a debate with some about Neo-Reaction vs. Techno-libertarianism Techno-libertarianism and neo-reaction can compliment each other in that the both oppose democracy and egalitarianism. Techno-libertarianism, as the name suggests, tend to be pro-technology in a context of a free market, and is the ‘position’ that I support. Neo-reaction, which rose to preeminence… Continue reading Neo-Reaction & Techno-Libertarianism

Taking Neo Reaction (NRx) To The Next Level

One, Neo Reaction (NRx) needs to be more pragmatic and instructive to make the leap from from philosophical movement to a political one, which means having to delineate political policy on the major issues. That means have a platform of ‘action items’, like political parties typically do. Such items could be to lower income taxes,… Continue reading Taking Neo Reaction (NRx) To The Next Level