NRx = Red Pill

Awhile back it occurred to me NRx is pretty much the same as Red Pill, but with a few differences: NRx advocates a ‘monarchy/autocratic’ form of government and is more racialist, whereas Red Pill is more focused on gender issues but is less racialist. But aside from that, there is a substantial ideological overlap: both oppose the ‘cuck’ conservatives, both tend to be traditionalist, both oppose social justice, feminism, misandry, and egalitarianism, and so on. I guess this is both good news and bad news: It’s good because the views of NRx are perhaps more mainstream than otherwise thought – it’s just under a different name, Red Pill. The bad news is that because Red Pill is much bigger, it may make NRx redundant, and with the ‘techno-commercialism’ faction of NRx dead and buried, there there even fewer characteristics that separate NRx from Red Pill. If NRx and Red Pill both support Trump, who is obviously doing well in the polls, why is monarchy needed if Trump is good enough and can win. I know monarchy would be preferred, but since the odds of it happening are zero, it’s not surprising that few talk about it as much anymore with as much enthusiasm as they did before 2013. Just something to ponder.