Freddie Deboer on Writing

Freddie discusses how being weird and divisive is necessary for being successful as a writer: Because being divisive is good for business. You have to be weird. I’m making more money than I ever thought I would in my life because what I write is not easily found elsewhere. Niche tastes can still be popular… Continue reading Freddie Deboer on Writing

The Return of Covid….again

Looks like another Covid variant has been invented. Got to keep those drug company profits up now that Delta is fading from relevance. Time to shut everything down again, cuz people may die. At this point it’s hard to take any of these ‘health experts’ seriously after they promised the the vaccines would stop Covid,… Continue reading The Return of Covid….again

The Biden Freefall

Ny Mag explains why Biden’s approval ratings are falling. The so-called ‘honeymoon period’ ended in June, just as Biden’s approval ratings had peaked at 53%, according to 538. The recent decline is consistent with past presidents, the only exception being George Bush, who only served a single term, so it’s not like it’s that accurate… Continue reading The Biden Freefall

Against Having Opinions

Given that blogging is a medium for expressing opinions, It is somewhat hypocritical to advise against having them, but here are some reasons to not have opinions or to not heed other people’s opinions. Your opinion is likely to suck, and subject to the unpredictable whims of the crowds. Have you every composed what you… Continue reading Against Having Opinions

More about Inflation: Do Not Expect the Fed to Do Anything

Interesting Noah Smith article Inflation is real; now it’s up to the Fed I generally agree with Noah that Biden is powerless to reduce inflation, and that it will either require the fed abruptly raising rates a lot (which will not happen), a crisis or recession (also very unlikely, IMHO), or simply inflation returns to… Continue reading More about Inflation: Do Not Expect the Fed to Do Anything

On the False Epistemological Overconfidence of Social Media

A typical Twitter exchange might go like this: “Coal kills _____ millions of people per year.” (Possibly a link to a related article, which only .01% of people who see the tweet will actually read in its entirety.) And then someone like Jordan Peterson will reply or re-tweet an argument along the lines of, “Such… Continue reading On the False Epistemological Overconfidence of Social Media