Why do people perceive Communism as less evil than Nazism?

An interesting discussion from quora, Why do people perceive the USSR as less evil than Nazi Germany? Also, Jordan Peterson addresses this question a lot, too, as to why Nazism is perceived as being worse than Communism even though the latter has a higher death toll. The most parsimonious explanation is that the Nazis lost… Continue reading Why do people perceive Communism as less evil than Nazism?

The NRx Review

An up-and-coming reactionary blogger who goes by the handle ‘Dark Reformation’ released an 8-part manifesto. In part 8, in my opinion the most important section, he discusses the philosophical underpinnings of his ideology, specifically utilitarianism and determinism. There is no free will. The Dark Reformation acknowledges that humans have no free will, that they are… Continue reading The NRx Review

Liberal Smugness, or Something Else

The smug style in American liberalism Beginning in the middle of the 20th century, the working class, once the core of the coalition, began abandoning the Democratic Party. In 1948, in the immediate wake of Franklin Roosevelt, 66 percent of manual laborers voted for Democrats, along with 60 percent of farmers. In 1964, it was… Continue reading Liberal Smugness, or Something Else

I Can Tolerate Anything Except Factual Inaccuracies

This story is going hugely viral: Economist Removed from Plane for Algebra The outpouring of sympathy and firestorm of righteous indignation, similar to that observed after the Ahmed Mohamed clock story, is more evidence we’re in an era of the ‘STEM celebrity‘, of which economics is part of. Had an obese snoring passenger been removed… Continue reading I Can Tolerate Anything Except Factual Inaccuracies

Order – Right vs. Left

From Tyler Cowen of Marginal Revolution: What are the core differences between Republicans and Democrats? First, the meta-narrative…look at the impressive share stats on the bottom. Why was this article so popular. This seems to tie into the post-2013 centrism boom; instead of taking sides, presenting everything from the perspective omnipotent, somewhat impartial observer who… Continue reading Order – Right vs. Left

Individualism Vs. Thede

There is a schism on ‘alt right’ (as well as the ‘mainstream right’) about individualism vs. ‘thede’ or state, and how to strike a balance between the two. First, an article about the radioactivity of individualism …which is contrasted by an article about the ‘borg’, denouncing the ills of too much collectivism. There is the… Continue reading Individualism Vs. Thede

Scott, Utilitarians, The Rational Middle, Scientism, and Liberals

But he has no enemies to the left, and no friends to the right, which means that all his friends are his enemies, and all his enemies are his friends. It would seem like there’s a mutual respect and camaraderie between Scott Alexander (and also Scott Adams), who represents the ‘rational middle’ or ‘rational left‘,… Continue reading Scott, Utilitarians, The Rational Middle, Scientism, and Liberals

Intellect: The Universal Solvent

In late December 2015, Scott Alexander’s How Bad Are Things article went massivly viral, with accolades from both right-wing and left-wing communities and forums, which got me (and others) thinking about how Scott is consistently able to transcend the left/right bulwark. Normally, people write articles for a specific audience or clique in mind, and spillovers… Continue reading Intellect: The Universal Solvent


Stulti Philosophiam Interesting article. A couple thoughts: I think some of us are being too choosy in rejecting too many people when our ‘movement/ideology/whatever’ is already pretty small to begin with. Bloggers who create YouTube videos and posts denouncing SJWs, are our ideological allies and like NRx many oppose leftist of ideals of egalitarianism and… Continue reading Moderates