NRx Ideology & Endgame, part 2

The recent dust-up over the ‘alt right’ has provoked some soul searching among the NRx community as to what, precisely, NRx means and or how a hypothetical NRx government should operate and ascend to power. Why I am not Neoreactionary more debate… First, the basics: we have the ‘alt right’, an umbrella term that encompasses… Continue reading NRx Ideology & Endgame, part 2

The Alt Right

From Radix Journal: WHAT IS THE #ALTRIGHT? The big-tent alt-right includes identitarians and archeofuturists, race realists and HBD bloggers, European New Right (ENR), shitlords, neo-reaction (NRx) and reaction (Rx), trad Christians, neo-pagans, white nationalists, PUAs, etc. (Note, these groups are not mutually exclusive. For example, an alt-righter might consider himself an identitarian and race realist.)… Continue reading The Alt Right

Reactionary Realism

From Poseidon Awoke, NRx: Against Platonic Rationalism: I believe that the Dark Enlightenment is the realization that we are currently governed by pseudosciences, which were created out of the Enlightenment exuberance for the human ability to reason (rationalize). What the children of the Enlightenment did not understand was the limits of human cognition and the… Continue reading Reactionary Realism

Libertarianism and NRx/Dark Enlightenment

From The Right Stuff: Libertarianism and Marxism: The Twin Offspring of Liberalism Hmmm…this may be a false equivalency. Libertarians believe in private property, personal autonomy (non-aggression principle), and the ‘ownership society’; Marxists, Communists, and Anarchists typically don’t. The central underlying assumption of Marxism (and by extension, of all the SJW nonsense that is plaguing us… Continue reading Libertarianism and NRx/Dark Enlightenment

The Rotting Foundation That Is Democracy

Many on the right attack individual symptoms, problems (feminism, crime, growing entitlement spending) without addressing the underlying disease: democracy and the liberal state. The solution lends itself to NRx, which rejects the post-WW2 ideal of democracy and social liberalism, as quoted by Amerika’s NRx guide: But as Evola observed, all of us in the post-war… Continue reading The Rotting Foundation That Is Democracy

NRx Should Be Anti-Populist

As discussed earlier, NRx is almost indistinguishable from Red Pill, both of which also share many similarities to paleoconservatism. IMHO, the problem with Paleoconservatism is that, like the far-left, it tends to be populist. For the far-left, it’s ‘the prole vs. the rich, big corporations’; for the populist right, it’s ‘the prole vs. big govt.,… Continue reading NRx Should Be Anti-Populist

The Great Debate: Gamers vs. SJWs : An Etiology

Every month is seems like there is some internet outrage that I’m behind the curve on. It’s like Jr. High school where you have those who like Leonardo diCaprio and those who like Brad Pitt, or something. But in more serious terms, the outcome will have important implications for the future of online discourse and… Continue reading The Great Debate: Gamers vs. SJWs : An Etiology

Revising the NRx Map

I’m sure everyone who is familiar with NRx had seen the NRx map, which groups some of the major ‘alt right’ blogs into various categories: The map was created in 2013 and needs to be updated to include new websites, but I also think the nine categories can be reduced to just two: the ethno-nationalists/traditionalists… Continue reading Revising the NRx Map

What is Better Than a Republic? (Hint: It’s Not Democracy)

Off-topic: The Grey Enlightenment RSS Feed can be found here Here Scott Asks: What is Better Than a Republic? He writes, But if I get to vote on every issue, I feel a personal responsibility to the people affected. There is a big difference between watching your elected representatives abuse a minority group and doing… Continue reading What is Better Than a Republic? (Hint: It’s Not Democracy)