Trump and Neocons

Libertarian-leaning pundits are complaining about Trump. Another Four Years Of Pointless War Under The Trump Administration On Military and Spending, It’s Trump Versus Trump Trump Is the Enemy of Neocons, But He’s Not Our Friend Is McCain Hijacking Trump’s Foreign Policy? Trump ran (or at least was perceived) as being anti-neocon, and his voters saw… Continue reading Trump and Neocons

The power of the alt-right is not to directly influence policy but rather to influence sentiment

There is a belief held by some that the alt-right, in making certain gestures and comments, is losing ‘respectability’ and therefore risks being excluded from having influence on Trump’s policies. This notion that Trump actually cares what the alt-right thinks is of course nonsense and is just more ‘concerning’ by people who don’t understand the… Continue reading The power of the alt-right is not to directly influence policy but rather to influence sentiment

Alt Right Power Struggle

The ongoing alt-right ‘civil war’ is an example how how activism fails in the absence of a unifying cohesive goal and or concentrated power. Between 2015 and 2016, thousands of anonymous posters on 4chan, Twitter, and Reddit collectively worked on the same goal – getting Trump in office. Although they were loosely organized, they were… Continue reading Alt Right Power Struggle

Identity, IQ, and Incoherence of the Alt-Right

‘Identity’, which not limited to just politics but also includes ‘BLM’ and the ‘big is beautiful’ movement, gives its members a stake in something, as being a part of a bigger ‘system’ or ‘process’, yet at the same time individualism and autonomy are retained. Identity is a way of signalling unity, with varying degrees obviousness.… Continue reading Identity, IQ, and Incoherence of the Alt-Right

NRx Concepts: A Review

Here is an summary of NRx, from the comments of neo-reaction is in opposition to the Cathedral. possibly it is against the decay of what Walter Russell Mead calls “The Blue Model.” One workable stab at defining the commonalities of neo-reaction is that it is opposed to “The Cathedral,” whatever that is. I think… Continue reading NRx Concepts: A Review

Alt-Right War of Words

Not two weeks after Trump’s historic victory, which should have emboldened the alt-right, does pettiness, virtue signaling, and ego threaten to tear it apart. It all began with some Roman salutes at an NPI conference, which got picked up by major media outlets like Huffington Post and The Atlantic. And then began the in-fighting. Info… Continue reading Alt-Right War of Words

Hail to the easily offended

There is concern by Vox and Mike about Richard Spencer being ‘controlled opposition’: Controlled opposition or media indiscipline? But I have to admit, it was somewhat fortuitous that I didn’t go given the manufactured media coverage of a minor incident towards the end, when apparently some idiots in the crowd began throwing Roman salutes on… Continue reading Hail to the easily offended

SJW Narrative Collapse, Part Infinity

This is pretty funny… going on Reddit (I recommend logging out to see which default threads are on the front page, not subscribed ones), and it looks like the left, to quote the title of a Charles Murray book, is losing ground. A story on /r/news about “Leaflets calling for death of those who insult… Continue reading SJW Narrative Collapse, Part Infinity

Intellectualism as a ‘Passport’

In 2015, almost daily, I would check Scott’s blog to see what weird, new social ‘theory’ he had devised but right now, as 2016 winds to a close, it seems things have stagnated to some extent. It’s no one’s fault, really, but even the smartest people will eventually run out of things to say, as… Continue reading Intellectualism as a ‘Passport’