Hooey and Phooey from John C. Wright

Hooey and Phooey by John C Wright in which he criticizes the alt-right. And a response by Vox Day Safe as houses in which he defends Wright’s competence as an author despite their political differences. The problem is Mr. Wright puts himself on a moral high ground of infallibility…by not taking stance, he can avoid… Continue reading Hooey and Phooey from John C. Wright

Alt Right: Consumerism, Crony Capitalism, and Immigration

I’m sure everyone has seen the alt-right ‘mural‘ of the various things that the alt-right supports and supposes. A few observations: I’m kinda surprised by how it ‘strongly opposes’ SJWs but only ‘moderately opposes’ SJW-media. Also surprised that it only has ‘minor opposition’ to crony capitalism and excess consumerism, which I actually agree. Consumerism, although… Continue reading Alt Right: Consumerism, Crony Capitalism, and Immigration

Alt-Right and Internet Journalism

‘The Media’ is the medium (TV, radio, internet, etc.) through which information is transferred from its producers to consumers. For this article, I’m going to focus primarily on internet journalism in the post-2013 era, and how it applies to the alt-right. Understanding internet journalism and its rules, trends, and how it has evolved, can improve… Continue reading Alt-Right and Internet Journalism

Alt Right & NRx: End Game and Action Plans

A common criticism of NRx (and for this post I’m assuming NRx is distinct from the ‘alt right’) is that it pontificates too much and has no ‘action plan’, unlike the ‘alt right’, which is ‘action-orientated’. This criticism reflects a misunderstanding of NRx, because NRx actually does have plans, but rather they tend to be… Continue reading Alt Right & NRx: End Game and Action Plans

Alt-Right: Classifications and Significance

For some reason the definition of the ‘alt right’ refuses to be resolved to anyone’s full satisfaction. My ‘definition’ is that the ‘alt right’ is a subset of ‘right’ that rejects the ‘mainstream’, which is a kinda circular definition, but taken literally that’s what ‘alternative’ means. The ‘alt right’ can include rationalists and pacifists (rejection… Continue reading Alt-Right: Classifications and Significance

Alt Right, Part.. Whatever

From The Daily Beast: Meet Milo Yiannopoulos, the Appealing Young Face of the Racist Alt-Right Analyzing a subset of the alt-right who call themselves “neoreactionaries,” Vox’s Dylan Matthews explains this important distinction, “Most modern libertarians are individualists, motivated by a desire to prevent the masses from oppressing the individual… “Neoreactionaries are not individualists… neoreaction places… Continue reading Alt Right, Part.. Whatever

Vox Explains the ‘Alt Right’

Vox.com explains the ‘alt right’. In agreement with posts I wrote in 2014, elements of the ‘alt right’, including NRx and HBD, are starting to gain more mainstream appeal, as evidenced by Vox.com, a mainstream online news source, expose on the ‘alt right’, replete with all the usual characters like Moldbug and Land. This also… Continue reading Vox Explains the ‘Alt Right’

Millennials leading the alt-right

The Current Chapter There are some positive things to be said for sure about a young, energetic, tech-savvy identitarian movement: Ability to hijack online culture and force the mainstream to pay some attention to long suppressed racialist ideas. Young people are more willing to embrace the radicalism that this age demands. Anonymous culture, beyond protecting… Continue reading Millennials leading the alt-right