Millennials leading the alt-right

The Current Chapter

There are some positive things to be said for sure about a young, energetic, tech-savvy identitarian movement:

Ability to hijack online culture and force the mainstream to pay some attention to long suppressed racialist ideas.

Young people are more willing to embrace the radicalism that this age demands.

Anonymous culture, beyond protecting one’s job and family, also enables total ideological freedom.

Race is important. We must get over delusions of total color-blindness.

The satire and counter-cultural nature of this young movement also makes it appealing to other young people.

All of this agrees with my observations about millennials, who are more open minded to discussing potentially incendiary topics such as race and how it pertains to economics and achievement, whereas older generations tend to default to ‘safe’, ‘color blind’ responses like ‘race is unimportant/doesn’t matter’ (for the left) and ‘we need stronger families’ (for the right). In either instance, no mention of biology.

But ultimately, the fact millions of millennials are waking up to the fact they have been lied to and duped by the both the left & right establishment bodes well for the ‘alt right’.

But this is why Reddit gives me hope for the future. Yes, I know Reddit has a lot of liberals and idiots, as do all large communities, but critical thinking (versus demagoguery) is also highly valued on Reddit, and social news sites like Reddit and 4chan spearheaded the post-2013 SJW backlash, which continues to this day. Same for the rise of Gamergate, Nrx/Dark Enlightenment, HBD, Red Pill, and many more ideologies and movements that originated or were abetted by sites such as Reddit and 4chan (such as /pol/) that threaten the leftist order.

It’s like a barbell – on one extreme are the SJW millennials and on the other are the ‘alt right’. And then there is also the rise of the ‘rational right’ and ‘rational left’, the latter in refutation to welfare liberalism and the former as a version of neoconservatism/Reaganism with elements of HBD but also some elements of anarcho-capitalism. Online, we’re also seeing a return to centrism as part of the post-2013 SJW backlash, of liberals who once voted for Obama realizing the error of their ways.

But what’s also interesting is how much everyone on Reddit and 4chan knows about finance, history, and economics, especially considering how little of it taught in school, and in contrast to reports about how education has become dumbed-down (which, based on the preponderance of the empirical evidence, I don’t really believe). It’s as if they acquired it through osmosis or something. It’s not so amazing to me, as I’ve written numerous time before about how savvy millennials are about all sorts of brainy or esoteric subjects – ideologies, computer science, finance, math, physics, and so on. It’s also part of the personal finance revolution that has been underway since 2008, with millions of millennials planning for their financial independence instead of depending on a handout from government, and this is commendable and gives me optimism not only about millennials but about the future. The millennials don’t seem as spendthrift as the boomers.

There’s reason for optimism.