Moldbug on Libertarianism, Neocameralism

From Moldbug: Why I am not a libertarian This an important article that delineates Moldbug’s reservations about libertarianism, and outlines his proposal of ‘neocamerialism’ as an alternative to democracy and libertarianism. Moldbug writes: And this is the first reason I am not a libertarian. Libertarianism is, more or less, basically, the ideology of the American… Continue reading Moldbug on Libertarianism, Neocameralism

Vox Explains the ‘Alt Right’ explains the ‘alt right’. In agreement with posts I wrote in 2014, elements of the ‘alt right’, including NRx and HBD, are starting to gain more mainstream appeal, as evidenced by, a mainstream online news source, expose on the ‘alt right’, replete with all the usual characters like Moldbug and Land. This also… Continue reading Vox Explains the ‘Alt Right’

Against Intellectualism

I’ve seen this quote passed around a lot: I’m quite happy to be an anti-intellectual, actually. It is the modern equivalent of anticlericalism, and it is long overdue. One can oppose specific institutions without opposing thought in general. In fact, sometimes, it is even necessary. It’s hard to believe it came from Moldbug, being the… Continue reading Against Intellectualism

Classical Liberalism, Democracy, Libtertarianism, Nihilism, and NRx

From Peter A. Taylor The Resurrection of Classical Liberalism Here’s what I think happened. The US began as an expression of classical liberalism. The founders were steeped in John Locke’s ideas about natural rights, as modified and popularized by writers like James Otis, Thomas Paine, and Thomas Jefferson. What actually made it into the American… Continue reading Classical Liberalism, Democracy, Libtertarianism, Nihilism, and NRx

High-IQ Wins Again – Stocks Surge For 2nd Day

Stocks keep going up, the left’s shrill cries for crisis still being ignored. Zerohedge wrong again, another defeat snatched from the jaws of what seemed like a certain victory. So close and yet so far. The Nasdaq is up a mind-blowing 7% in the past 2 days alone – staggering. The S&P 500 up 6%.… Continue reading High-IQ Wins Again – Stocks Surge For 2nd Day