High-IQ Wins Again – Stocks Surge For 2nd Day

Stocks keep going up, the left’s shrill cries for crisis still being ignored. Zerohedge wrong again, another defeat snatched from the jaws of what seemed like a certain victory. So close and yet so far. The Nasdaq is up a mind-blowing 7% in the past 2 days alone – staggering. The S&P 500 up 6%. The left wants to live in a world where IQ is not important, where stocks stop going up, where wealth inequality is bad for the economy, where Bay Area homes prices & web 2.0 valuations fall – and it’s never gonna happen, sorry liberal perts. We’re still in the greatest wealth creation boom ever.

The NRx movement should embrace Silicon Valley and Wall St. as being places that reward merit, individualism, and wealth creation over egalitarianism and collectivism. HBD is still more relevant than ever. IQ, STEM, coding… all important. High-IQ stocks like Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Netflix are rocketing higher day after day. You have to understand that America, more so than any other place in the world, rewards creativity, IQ, capitalism, and competence – and that’s why stocks always come roaring back, no matter how hard the liberal media tries to make things get worse. The left wants Silicon Valley to become another Ferguson, Baltimore, or Detroit. The only black lives that matter to the left are those who vote for liberal candidates.

I am aware of the moral decay problem, but even Moldbug said in his manifesto that decay is not the biggest problem, it’s violence, and I agree.

Especially organized violence. Next to organized human-on-human violence, a good formalist believes, all other problems – Poverty, Global Warming, Moral Decay, etc, etc, etc – are basically insignificant. Perhaps once we get rid of violence we can worry a little about Moral Decay, but given that organized violence killed a couple of hundred million people in the last century, whereas Moral Decay gave us “American Idol,” I think the priorities are pretty clear.

He’s right. The confiscation of private property by force and decree is worse than decay. Moral decay does suck, but you can always try to opt out of it. You can turn off the TV & radio, stop reading the trashy ad-filled newspapers that are trying to scare you. That’s what I have done. No TV and no radio and no newspapers. It’s crap. I don’t need to read the headlines to figure out that the supposed China crisis was mostly hot air or that stocks would rebound – I came to those realizations myself based on my years of knowledge about how the economy and stocks work. About china, there is hysteria is that GDP growth is slowing from 8% to 7%. I am not kidding…everyone is freaking out over a single percent, and there’s no evidence this weakness has spread to America. 99% of opinions & news is worthless. You need to find that 1%.