The media/pundit narrative is almost always wrong, and why

A good heuristic is, the media/pundit narrative is almost always wrong. They said: –Trump cannot win –Trump will doom stock market & economy –Trump cutting off trade deals will hurt economy –Trump will hurt foreign relations –The bull market hinges on Trump passing tax cuts, and if he fails the market will crash –The economy… Continue reading The media/pundit narrative is almost always wrong, and why

A competent but boring presidency

TRUMP’S SECRET SAUCE Were “Trump” to exit the stage, which is entirely unlikely, it would not change a thing. The already rotted fabric of the constitutional fiction has been shredded now, making any restoration an anxious, vulnerable simulacrum. This sort of banal stuff should be a given by now so let’s move on. Your democracy… Continue reading A competent but boring presidency

The Trump Syria Disappointment

There are grumbling among the ‘right’ about Trump’s demotion of Bannon and intervention in Syria. Bannon demoted Lion: This is bad news for Trumpism. This could be the beginning of a bunch of establishment Republican types taking over the administration steering wheel. Neoconning the God-Emperor Vox: No one actually gives a damn about Syrian children,… Continue reading The Trump Syria Disappointment

Trump and Neocons

Libertarian-leaning pundits are complaining about Trump. Another Four Years Of Pointless War Under The Trump Administration On Military and Spending, It’s Trump Versus Trump Trump Is the Enemy of Neocons, But He’s Not Our Friend Is McCain Hijacking Trump’s Foreign Policy? Trump ran (or at least was perceived) as being anti-neocon, and his voters saw… Continue reading Trump and Neocons

Trump Presidency Predictions and Significance: Economics, Immigration, Culture, and Endgame

From Social Matter: Reactionary Political Theory On Contemporary America Our question is the following: what is the significance of Trump’s victory? What does it mean for the Modern Structure? To answer the first question: a change in national sentiment. To answer the second, not much. Trump’s rise definitely ties into a ‘shared narrative’ of a… Continue reading Trump Presidency Predictions and Significance: Economics, Immigration, Culture, and Endgame

A Letter to ‘Trump Haters’

I address this letter to ‘Trump haters’, not ‘Hillary supporters’, because based on personal observations, some of Trump’s biggest detractors also hate Hillary just as much, if not more (for denying Bernie Sanders the nomination, who would have been a better candidate). Trump’s win has elicited a visceral, almost primal, rebuke from otherwise rational, smart… Continue reading A Letter to ‘Trump Haters’

‘Surprisingly Uneventful’

Despite all this ruckus over immigration, I still stand by my earlier prediction that the Trump presidency will be ‘surprisingly uneventful’. All of this commotion will blow over. Silicon Valley is like the 5-6th branch of government (along with the federal reserve, the Ivy League, and Hollywood), given how much influence tech firms are exerting… Continue reading ‘Surprisingly Uneventful’

Trump’s Foreign Policy Milestone

Added an email subscription widget to have updates sent to your inbox. A few weeks before the 2016 US presidential election, I made two predictions: Trump becoming president would not hurt the US economy and stock market much, contrary to the research ‘reports’ disseminated by the liberal media that predicted a major and immediate recession… Continue reading Trump’s Foreign Policy Milestone