The Alt Right

From Radix Journal: WHAT IS THE #ALTRIGHT?

The big-tent alt-right includes identitarians and archeofuturists, race realists and HBD bloggers, European New Right (ENR), shitlords, neo-reaction (NRx) and reaction (Rx), trad Christians, neo-pagans, white nationalists, PUAs, etc. (Note, these groups are not mutually exclusive. For example, an alt-righter might consider himself an identitarian and race realist.)

The ‘alt right’ is a blanket term encompassing a far-reaching collection of sub-ideologies unified in their rejection of most or all America’s democratic institutions, rejection of Tabula rasa (blank slate), rejection of ‘mainstream’ conservatism, and rejection of egalitarianism. Aside from those preconditions, the ‘alt right’ is an ideologically diverse group, ranging from reactionary rationalists (this blog), to monarchists, hbd/race realists, neo masculinity, libertarian capitalists, neo reactionaries, and religious reactionaries. A list of alt-right categories and blogs can be found here and here, as well as the infamous NRx map which links these sub-ideologies together.

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One thing commenters have correctly noted is how young the alt-right is. While there is no objective way to determine the average age of the alt-right, I would place it in the early 20s. (Compare this with the average age of a National Review reader, which is about 65.) And this youth movement is different from, say, the “College Republicans” of the 1980s. These young alt-righters did not grow up reading National Review (a good thing). They grew up with /pol/, Reddit, Twitter and other social media, and were later introduced to sites like Radix Journal, AmRen, VDare, Occidental Observer, Heartiste, MPC, and The Right Stuff.

This agrees with some of my earlier posts about millennials rejecting democracy, instead turning to ‘niche’ ideologies (beyond the simplistic Republican/Democratic dichotomy) that offer better explanations for how the world works, as conventional explanations have fallen short. We, the ‘alt right’, seek the unvarnished truth and reality, thorns and all, as an alternative to the sterility of the MSM. Hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of curious, well-educated young people are turning to sites like Reddit, 8chan, and 4chan, turning off the idiot box, and this bodes well for the ‘alt right’. The ‘truth’ is the comments section of a heated Reddit or 4chan debate on biology and IQ; it’s on Brietbart or Twitter (hashtag #NRx or #altright), not National Review.