Against the Ubermensch

In the past year or so, we’re seeing a re-branding or transformation of NRx…less Nietzsche’s ubermensch as embodied by John Galt (and the Californian ideology) and more like Oswald Spengler or Pat Buchanan. Maybe the old, pre-2014 NRx may have put too much emphasis on capitalism, individualism, and technology and not enough on culture and… Continue reading Against the Ubermensch

Pro-Technology = Marxist?

From Esoteric Trad: Neoreaction’s elephant in the room Techno-Commercialists make up a portion of NRx and their position is quite popular. Maybe he means it’s popular outside of NRx, but from my observation it’s no longer popular inside of NRx, in which the trichotomy has become a dichotomy of traditionalists and ethno-nationalists, with the techno-commercialists… Continue reading Pro-Technology = Marxist?

The Rotting Foundation That Is Democracy

Many on the right attack individual symptoms, problems (feminism, crime, growing entitlement spending) without addressing the underlying disease: democracy and the liberal state. The solution lends itself to NRx, which rejects the post-WW2 ideal of democracy and social liberalism, as quoted by Amerika’s NRx guide: But as Evola observed, all of us in the post-war… Continue reading The Rotting Foundation That Is Democracy

NRx and Modernity

When I discuss modernity and my support for it, it is in the context of technology and economics, as opposed to the push towards progressive social and political norms. As I argue here and here, NRx should embrace technology. The arrow of technology is irreversible. Many on the right wish to return to simpler times,… Continue reading NRx and Modernity

Embracing Modernity, Part 2

From the infamous Nov. 2013 Tech Crunch article Geeks for Monarchy: The Rise of the Neoreactionaries that introduced thousands of people to NRx: Neoreactionaries believe that while technology and capitalism have advanced humanity over the past couple centuries, … The veracity of this statement is questioned among many reactionaries who argue that technology and free… Continue reading Embracing Modernity, Part 2