Why do people perceive Communism as less evil than Nazism?

An interesting discussion from quora, Why do people perceive the USSR as less evil than Nazi Germany? Also, Jordan Peterson addresses this question a lot, too, as to why Nazism is perceived as being worse than Communism even though the latter has a higher death toll. The most parsimonious explanation is that the Nazis lost… Continue reading Why do people perceive Communism as less evil than Nazism?

Is Free Trade worse than Communism?

The crux of his argument is that communism is superior to free markets, because the latter necessitates the forcible migration of people, thus dissolving families, nations, and communities. For example, if a Mexican in Mexico earns $10/hour to build a house and an American earns $30/hour, under globalization and free trade it’s advantageous for the… Continue reading Is Free Trade worse than Communism?

Tooleb becomes self-aware, part 2

It looks like Nassim Nicholas Tooleb is becoming self-aware again in a recent Medium post appropriately titled The Intellectual Yet Idiot (in which he expands on his original Facebook post). Just replace all instances of ‘IYI’ with ‘Tooleb’ and it’s a perfect description of him. For those who think Tooleb is part of the alt-right,… Continue reading Tooleb becomes self-aware, part 2

Debunking Libertarian-Socialist Nonsense

It takes a concerted effort and a persistent willingness to suspend disbelief to be a life-long libertarian-socialist (and its closely-related Marxist variants). Most people outgrow it by their late 20’s upon learning that Marxism is far more violent, ruthless, and just all-around awful than the capitalism it is supposed to replace. Libertarian-socialism is predicated on… Continue reading Debunking Libertarian-Socialist Nonsense