Ravi Batra’s Social Cycle

Perhaps America is a uniquely intellectual place. People complain about the dumbing down of America, but other countries are much worse. America’s competitive capitalist and winner-take-all culture rewards high-IQ and punishes mediocrity. Of course, all countries have dull people, and America is no exception, but America – by virtue of its free markets, stable currency, strong economy, prestigious institutes of higher learning, tech companies, low regulation (relative to other countries), and high R&D spending – is perhaps the best country for the cognitively superior to unlock their full potential, more so than any other country. The Nordic countries are smart, but it’s not an in-your-face smartness. More like privately toiling away in the tradition of Euler and Gauss.

According to Ravi Batra’s Social Cycle, it would seem since 2008 the Intellectual/Aquisitor phase has been dominant. In today’s era of intellectualism, being smart is perhaps the new celebrity status whereas in the past such status was reserved only to performers such as athletes, musicians and actors. And after 911, the warriors (police, firefighters, military) held some ground, but quickly lost it as memories of the disaster faded and the economy recovered. In the period between 2001-2008 and in the 80’s and 90’s, we saw the rise of labor, due to high inflation & low unemployment, an abundance of overpaid jobs, and the housing bubble which specifically helped middle income people ‘feel’ rich. The whole century before 2008 saw all groups gain ground; everyone, including warriors and laborers, did well. Now it’s just smart people reaping most, if not all, of the gains, and baring a existential catastrophe it will remain that way as humanity transitions to type 1 civilization status. But interestingly, warriors can do well due to generous pensions and various govt. programs offered to these workers. If you’re not in the cognitive or financial elite, or you don’t have a plush government job, your life may stink.