Is the ‘Red Pill’ Teaching Obsolete Skills?

It’s funny how Roosh, one of the main evangelizers of the masculinity/Red Pill movement, is being criticised for, well, not being ‘alpha’ enough. If Roosh can’t do it, what does that say about everyone else? What is means is that the Red Pill’s priorities could be misguided.

Probably my only criticism of the Red Pill movement is they put too much emphasis on being ‘alpha’. In the post-2008 economy it’s more important to be the smartest guy in the room than the most domineering or alpha guy in the room. A century ago perhaps social skills were important, but now not so much. Intellect, authenticity, and competence are valued more than ever. In our smartist economy, extroversion is seen as a crutch for the incompetent, while social awkwardness signals intelligence. The INTP/INTJ people rule, both economically and in contemporary culture, so for the red pill movement to put so much precedence on masculinity seems counterproductive. To emissaries of the Red Pill movement, if you want men to be fulfilled financially and socially (which are two things I imagine most men strive for), teach men INTP skills. Why be stuck in the 20th century. It’s like bringing a single-core processor computer to a LAN party when everyone else has quad-core. Or bringing a crappy calculator from Walgreens to a math test when everyone else has programmable graphing calculators. It puts you at a disadvantage, or at the very least is ineffective.

From my article, In Defense of MGTOW:

…in the post-2008 era, being a nerd is kinda cool, unlike as recently as ten years ago. And whether it’s through web 2.0, stocks, STEM, or expensive real estate, nerds are the ones making all the money in this hyper-competitive economy where intellect is more valued than ever. And women are increasingly preferring ‘beta‘ guys, not only because of the post-2008 rise of nerd culture, but because beta males tend earn more money.

I would rather be a beta male conservative with a lot of money and prestige than be the ‘toughest guy in the Starbucks line’ who has to go home to being just another nobody. The Red Pill and pick-up culture community is right about many things, such as being anti-feminist, but self-improvement is more than chasing an unrealistic alpha-male ideal – it’s also about being smart, or at least conveying intellect in an economy where intelligence is the ticket to social and economic upward mobility.