Taking Neo Reaction (NRx) To The Next Level

One, Neo Reaction (NRx) needs to be more pragmatic and instructive to make the leap from from philosophical movement to a political one, which means having to delineate political policy on the major issues. That means have a platform of ‘action items’, like political parties typically do. Such items could be to lower income taxes,… Continue reading Taking Neo Reaction (NRx) To The Next Level

Ravi Batra’s Social Cycle

Perhaps America is a uniquely intellectual place. People complain about the dumbing down of America, but other countries are much worse. America‚Äôs competitive capitalist and winner-take-all culture rewards high-IQ and punishes mediocrity. Of course, all countries have dull people, and America is no exception, but America – by virtue of its free markets, stable currency,… Continue reading Ravi Batra’s Social Cycle

Smart People On Reddit Giving Police Benefit of Doubt

Reddit, to their credit, is showing their support for the police, as shown by up-voting 10,000 times this imgur post about how, contrary to liberal belief, police stop blacks not out of racial prejudice but because genuine infractions were made, and that the proper course of action is to not become combative and assume racial… Continue reading Smart People On Reddit Giving Police Benefit of Doubt

In Defense of MGTOW

A video by Aaron critical of MGTOW I agree with 90% of what Aaron writes, including his views on STEM, free market capitalism, feminism, SJWs, religion, etc – but disagree with his opinions on MGTOW, about how he says the stock market is a bubble inflated by QE, and about the fed. But 90% is… Continue reading In Defense of MGTOW

8-Year-Old Girl Makes $127,000 a Month

This 8-Year-Old Girl Makes $127,000 a Month Baking Sweets on YouTube lol, bu..bu..but..isn’t America supposed to be in decline, says the left? How is this possible when, according to the left, the only capitalism that exists is crony capitalism? And the America Dream is dead, too, according to liberals, because rich people killed it. I… Continue reading 8-Year-Old Girl Makes $127,000 a Month


Business professionals occasionally gripe that college graduates are unable to write correctly. According to the article, a contributing factor is that many college professors often don’t edit papers for grammatical accuracy, only reading to make sure the student grasps the concept and meets the requirements, and grading accordingly. Many faculty members are content merely to… Continue reading Grammar

Why Bay Area/Silicon Valley Real Estate Keeps Going Up

Atherton has the highest median property value of any region in America, with Menlo Park and Palo Alto not far behind. The entire Bay Area real estate market has been white-hot since 2012, coinciding with the huge public offerings of Facebook and Twitter and the 40+ percent gains in the S&P 500, and shows no… Continue reading Why Bay Area/Silicon Valley Real Estate Keeps Going Up

Daredevil Stories

I am dubbing a new phrase, Daredevil Stories, to describe stories of people who apparently have a disability but somehow not only overcome the disability – but become substantially better than average. The name comes from a comic book in which the superhero Daredevil is blind but has better perception than sighted people. Normally, blind… Continue reading Daredevil Stories

Awstats is Awful

Believe it or not, I never checked the traffic of this site until only a few weeks ago. My plan to was write as much and needed and not check the stats after I had finished most of it, which is where it’s at now. Upon first glance, the traffic looks good, at 5000 uniques… Continue reading Awstats is Awful