The Fed May Never Raise Interest Rates Again

The fed may never raise rates again: Horwitz: ‘The Fed may never raise rates again’ I hope he’s right. The bad jobs number last week increases the odds rates will remain low, and the fed has no pressing reason to raise rates, anyway. The bond market isn’t signaling inflation and neither is the economic data.… Continue reading The Fed May Never Raise Interest Rates Again

Reddit Exposes Racial Hypocrisy

It’s no surprise the left, in their war on success and achievement, is deferential to low-achieving minorities while at the same time depreciative of high-achieving minorities such as Indians and Asians. At CalTech, with probably the highest entrance standards in the US, and no affirmative action: Asians 40%, whites 29%, Hispanics 10%, and blacks 1.7%.… Continue reading Reddit Exposes Racial Hypocrisy

Foreigners Keep Buying US Debt – And it Makes the Left Mad

The left whines about foreigners buying US debt, refusing to buy into the ‘we are doomed’ leftist delusions. But the question is, where else should foreigners put their money? Since 2011 the US dollar, the US stock market, and treasury bonds have outperformed their respective global peers. Since 2011, The dollar is up 30-100% against… Continue reading Foreigners Keep Buying US Debt – And it Makes the Left Mad

Obsession With Logical Fallacies

Today’s smartest generation of atheists don’t cite passages from the Bible. They cite each other’s logical fallacies, from the ‘Bible’ of Logical Fallacies. The attention brought to Logical Fallacies has become a ‘religion’ unto itself. You can win online arguments by calling out your opponent’s logical fallacy, without having to actually argue anything. It’s like… Continue reading Obsession With Logical Fallacies

Misconceptions About Algorithmic/High Frequency Trading

TLDR version: Algorithmic trading doesn’t cause market crashes, fear does. The left keeps spreading the myth that high frequency trading/algorithmic trading is responsible for crashes when in fact there are many glaring holes in the anti-HFT argument. If the market were rigged, as the left insists it is, and you knew how it was rigged,… Continue reading Misconceptions About Algorithmic/High Frequency Trading

IQ Anxieties

There is a debate on Scott’s blog about the ‘Growth Mindset’, that boils down to nature vs. nurture. Noah posts a rebuttal, accusing Scott of ‘derp’. As long as IQ plays an increasingly important role in our increasingly competitive, winner-take-all economy, this issue will remain controversial. IQ is our new caste system, and these feel-good… Continue reading IQ Anxieties

Sornette vs. Taleb Debate

Sornette vs. Taleb Diametrically Opposite Approaches to Risk & Predictability. 10 minutes into the talk I vaguely have any idea what Sornette is talking about, but his June 2013 TED talk (embedded below) is easier to understand. At 20 minutes into the debate, he mentions how the market can be analyzed as a physical system,… Continue reading Sornette vs. Taleb Debate

Millennials Rebuking Liberalism

I’ve argued time and time again that milllenials are possibly unfairly stereotyped as ‘always’ being liberal when in fact there is evidence that on economic issues they are perhaps more conservative/libertarian than often assumed. After the failed OWS protests, perhaps millenials are realizing it’s more productive to aspire to be like the rich than to… Continue reading Millennials Rebuking Liberalism