Foreigners Keep Buying US Debt – And it Makes the Left Mad

The left whines about foreigners buying US debt, refusing to buy into the ‘we are doomed’ leftist delusions. But the question is, where else should foreigners put their money? Since 2011 the US dollar, the US stock market, and treasury bonds have outperformed their respective global peers. Since 2011, The dollar is up 30-100% against all major foreign currencies.

Demand for US debt keeps growing, even as the left insists America is in decline:

If you parked your money in Euros in early 2011 and converted it back into dollars today, you would have 40% less dollars. The S&P 500 has also outperformed global indexes by a considerable margin, and treasury yields keep falling. Commodities have plunged, with oil down 50% in just the past year. Metals are too volatile, with gold and silver down over 30% since 2011. Thus, the dollar is one of the best ‘store of value’ for foreigners to park their money, and this demonstrable evidence of American exceptionalism makes the left livid. They hate seeing these high-IQ, successful foreigners rebuke the liberals who say America is in decline, corrupt, etc. These foreigners aren’t deterred by wealth inequality or the debt being too high. In choosing America, these foreigners are giving the libs the finger, entrusting their capital with America and its best and brightest who rise to the occasion again and again. And the doom and gloomers can keep pounding sand, waiting for the crisis and post-America era that will never come.