Reddit Exposes Racial Hypocrisy

It’s no surprise the left, in their war on success and achievement, is deferential to low-achieving minorities while at the same time depreciative of high-achieving minorities such as Indians and Asians.

At CalTech, with probably the highest entrance standards in the US, and no affirmative action: Asians 40%, whites 29%, Hispanics 10%, and blacks 1.7%. In the elite high schools of New York, the same pattern holds.

The left welfare hates Silicon Valley’s tech elite and the cognitive elite of Caltech and MIT. The left wants the the entire country to become a low-IQ cesspool like Detroit, where everyone is equally poor and dumb and no one is allowed to be exceptional.

As evidence off society repudiating the disingenuous SJW scum, the millennials on Reddit are calling the left out on their hypocrisy, with the most up-voted comments pertaining to a recent dog-ear flap about the oh-so-racially-tolerant confusing ‘Silicon Valley’ Kumail Nanjiani with ‘Big Bang’s’ Kunal Nayyar.

SJWs, you’re losing. And there’s nothing you can do about it.