8-Year-Old Girl Makes $127,000 a Month

This 8-Year-Old Girl Makes $127,000 a Month Baking Sweets on YouTube

lol, bu..bu..but..isn’t America supposed to be in decline, says the left? How is this possible when, according to the left, the only capitalism that exists is crony capitalism? And the America Dream is dead, too, according to liberals, because rich people killed it. I guess this girl did not get the memo. Maybe the fed is behind this, since the fed is manipulating everything, according to the left. The fed gave her TARP money and…somehow this ties in with QE…idk…this is the tortured thought process liberals go through as they try to ‘explain away’ American and individual exceptionalism, devising increasingly elaborate conspiracy theories for how everything is rigged, as these liberals are losers at life and it’s easier to bring down the successful than raise yourself up. This is how the cognitively inferior reconcile their mediocrity.