Grey’s Razor

Hanlon’s razor states:

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

Today’s huge rally in tech stocks inspired my own version, Grey’s Razor:

Never attribute to luck that which is adequately explained by intelligence.

Yesterday, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft posted blowout earnings, with the Nasdaq surging 40 points in what is an unending high-IQ wealth creation orgy in Silicon Valley, a bacchanal celebration of individualism, capitalism, and the high-IQ mind – all intertwined ..

The left insists the market is rigged, a scam, a bubble, etc…and that the the only way people make money in the market is not through skill, IQ and talent, but due to conspiracies, collusion (between traders, the fed, and the government), plain dumb luck, or other environmental factors. People like myself and others are consistently making big money in stocks using proven, back-tested strategies, and they do it over and over – defying the libs who say the game is crooked or zero-sum. For example, I know which sectors to buy: Healthcare, Consumer Discretionary, and large-cap Tech. And I know the ones to avoid: Energy, Materials, and Emerging Markets. High-IQ companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Ali Baba, and Tesla are laying the digital infrastructure as the world transitions to type-1 civilization status. So just by choosing the best sectors you can beat the market with little effort. Due to a deep understanding of the global economy and macro factors, people like myself are right more times than not, and we we say stocks and bonds will keep going up – that is what usually happens.

So you can be one of those losers who waits for the crisis that will never come or for the decline of America; people like myself (in private) laugh at you.


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