Liberal Narrative Collapse

In 2008 we were all Keynesians. No we’re all libertarians, scientists and ‘brogrammers’. Everyone is getting richer and smarter than ever as wealth and intelligence becomes more important in today’s competitive economy.

Some of the most up-voted posts on Imgur, a site that is the ‘zeitgeist’ of millenial thought, are photos of peaceful demonstrations in Baltimore – in stark contrast to the looters in Furgeson:

black kid hands water to riot police

black residents cleaning up their neighborhood

And the passage

Posted because this probably won’t get the same coverage as the riots on the news and media. After so many images and videos of violence and aggression, it’s easy to form a black and white view of the residents of Baltimore, so it was nice when images like this popped up here and there on my Twitter feed.

This post about anti-white racism got over 5,000 up-votes. According to the libs, only white males can be racist.

This is evidence that maybe the majority of millennials are not naive, brainwashed liberals, and former Obama voters are recuperating from their ignorance thanks to information being readily available online and the post-2008 smartist era that celebrates wealth creation, free market capitalism, and intellectualism. We’re seeing millions of young people , especially on sites like Reddit and 4chan, taking interest in economics, libertarianism, human biodiversity and other topics and point of views that are off-limits or quarantined by the MSM. There’s reason for hope. Obama’s polls keep falling as stocks keep going up.

The left wants things to get worse so that the most successful lose money when civilization fails, after which the left can rebuild society to their socialist image.

It’s a common misconception that Ivy League elite resent the rich. This is not true. The Ivy Ivy Leaguers, a subset of the cognitive elite, are much more frustrated at the dumbing down of society and insufferable stupidity of people of modest IQs and modest incomes than they are frustrated at the other elite, which includes rich and smart people who didn’t go to an Ivy League.

All these billionaires getting richer than ever and new ones being added to the list every year. Bill Gates’ net worth is up 100% since 2004. Isn’t America/capitalism supposed to be in decline, says the doom and gloomer left? So much for that. All these High-IQ people in math, computer science and physics who are making millions and even billions defy this alleged ‘economic weakness’ that left insists exists. America’s meritocracy, more so than any time in history, is showering great wealth and prestige among its best and brightest, and these Putnam winners, who are among the smartest people in the world, have a much better shot at success at life as measured by wealth and recognition than pretty much everyone else. But you don’t need to be a Putnam winner to succeed at life; an IQ of at least above 130 is good enough.

Whether it’s the fed’s forever low interest rates, to Washington running deficits to give loans and contracts to high-tech private companies such as Tesla, to free market capitalism and globalization, and the post-2008 rise of nerd culture, the cognitive elite have a convergence of economic, political, and social forces as a permanent tailwind. So if you’re among the cognitive and financial elite, not only do you have policy makers in your corner, but society looks up to you, too.