The Daily View 3/8/2016

Homework is wrecking our kids: The research is clear, let’s ban elementary homework And the Reddit discussion, which is more valuable than the article. A common thread among commenters, growing up, is that homework was tedious and useless, yet scored high on tests, which is a common trait among smart people, who tend to test… Continue reading The Daily View 3/8/2016

SJW-backlash continues

The post-2013 SJW-backlash continues: Judging by faves and re-tweets, intellectualism, which includes grammar, more valued than wealth spreading. It also affirms my earlier suspicions that Senile Sanders is not as smart as may on the left assume he is, being that he doesn’t even know the difference between a noun and an adjective. Furthermore, the… Continue reading SJW-backlash continues

Zerohedge, Trump and Anti-Establishment Liberalism

In response to a reporter being choke-slammed at a Trump rally, ‘Tyler Durden’ of Zerohedge writes: Last week, in what some view as a prelude to a fascist future for America, Trump suggested he would change libel laws in order to give himself greater scope to sue journalists who pen negative articles about him This… Continue reading Zerohedge, Trump and Anti-Establishment Liberalism

Pencil Pushers and The Miracle of Capitalism

Although I often rail against collectivism, an exception is collectivism in the context of a firm. The miracle of capitalism and comparative advantage is that it gives a high standard of living to otherwise mediocre people. To go somewhat on a tangent, consider the somewhat grim prospects of self-publishing (indie) writing, a topic I have… Continue reading Pencil Pushers and The Miracle of Capitalism

Order – Right vs. Left

From Tyler Cowen of Marginal Revolution: What are the core differences between Republicans and Democrats? First, the meta-narrative…look at the impressive share stats on the bottom. Why was this article so popular. This seems to tie into the post-2013 centrism boom; instead of taking sides, presenting everything from the perspective omnipotent, somewhat impartial observer who… Continue reading Order – Right vs. Left

The Daily View: Trump and Meta-narratives

With the exception of Hillary and Trump’s sweep of Super Tuesday, not much going on. Hillary is the most ‘establishment’ candidate, which should bode well for stocks, but I still prefer Trump. Some in ‘NRx-sphere’ probably own stocks and other investments, but advocate some form of ‘reset’, not realizing or ignoring the fact that total… Continue reading The Daily View: Trump and Meta-narratives

Virtue Signaling and Status

The Three Types of Status Competition (Yuppies and SJW’s Included) Many high-IQ people, both from the ‘left’ and the ‘right’, are status seekers, but so are most people. More status mean more money, respect, and, from an evolutionary perspective, a greater likelihood of passing on your genes, as well as the confidence boost that comes… Continue reading Virtue Signaling and Status