The Gift of Autism

Some recent blog posts about autism: Autism, genius, and the power of obliviousness “The A-Word”–when “autism” is used as an insult A distinction must be made between high-functioning and low-functioning autism; this article discusses the former. It seems like in today’s economy and society, autism and or autism-like traits are more of a gift than… Continue reading The Gift of Autism

The Daily View: Trump and Meta-narratives

With the exception of Hillary and Trump’s sweep of Super Tuesday, not much going on. Hillary is the most ‘establishment’ candidate, which should bode well for stocks, but I still prefer Trump. Some in ‘NRx-sphere’ probably own stocks and other investments, but advocate some form of ‘reset’, not realizing or ignoring the fact that total… Continue reading The Daily View: Trump and Meta-narratives

Virtue Signaling and Status

The Three Types of Status Competition (Yuppies and SJW’s Included) Many high-IQ people, both from the ‘left’ and the ‘right’, are status seekers, but so are most people. More status mean more money, respect, and, from an evolutionary perspective, a greater likelihood of passing on your genes, as well as the confidence boost that comes… Continue reading Virtue Signaling and Status

The Esoteric Celebrity

Intellectualism, wealth, and the entanglement of the two has become the new nobility or religion in America today, with thousand – maybe millions – of disciples and acolytes following in the footsteps of our ennobled intellectual sainthood and priesthood. We aspire to be like them, to emulate their mannerisms because they are the new ‘ruling… Continue reading The Esoteric Celebrity

Our STEM Nobility

From Fortune: Here’s why female engineers are posting pictures of themselves on social media Everyone is obsessed with STEM, particularity with females in STEM. Would Fortune do a cover article about ‘this is what a female hair stylist looks like?’ no. A STEM degree, particularly in mathematics, physics, computer science, or engineering is the cachet… Continue reading Our STEM Nobility