Philosophy as a STEM Subject

The acronym STEM, as everyone knows, stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM subjects are math-intensive, analytic, and generally require a high intelligence to understand all the rules and intricacies. By this definition, the umbrella of subjects that could be considered ‘STEM’ or STEM-like could be expanded to include finance, economics, and even philosophy…I’ll… Continue reading Philosophy as a STEM Subject

The Esoteric Celebrity

Intellectualism, wealth, and the entanglement of the two has become the new nobility or religion in America today, with thousand – maybe millions – of disciples and acolytes following in the footsteps of our ennobled intellectual sainthood and priesthood. We aspire to be like them, to emulate their mannerisms because they are the new ‘ruling… Continue reading The Esoteric Celebrity

INTP people rule the world

From Anti-Dem Playboy After Dark Another possibility is that the ‘Playboy lifestyle’ is no longer ‘cool’, as millennials eschew ostentatious materialism for intellectualism and minimalism. Millennials want to be rich, but prefer saving or investing the money instead of squandering it on positional goods. They want to be like Zuck, Musk, Buffett or Gates, not… Continue reading INTP people rule the world

How a person with an SAT score of a 1000 writes

An SAT score of 1000 on the post-1995 test is unimpressive, corresponding to an IQ of around 100. Most people who score that low (either on an IQ test or on the SAT) keep it private. According to those celebrity SAT lists you see everywhere, even most actors score higher than that, yet the author… Continue reading How a person with an SAT score of a 1000 writes

STEM, Immigration, H-1B Visas, and Wages

There is no diversity crisis in tech: Repeat after me: there is no “diversity crisis” in Silicon Valley. None. In fact, there is no crisis at all in Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley is doing absolutely gangbusters. Apple has $200 billion in cash reserves and equivalents — and a market valuation of about $630 billion. Amazing.… Continue reading STEM, Immigration, H-1B Visas, and Wages

The Rise of STEM: Wealth and Intellectualism Über Alles

Abstract mathematics, theoretical physics, computer science, and quantitative finance, all of which compose the constellation called ‘STEM’- is cachet of ‘nobility’ in the post-2008 economy, the new ‘cool’ among millions of millennials who aspire for prestigious careers that involve wealth or intellectual recognition, preferably both, as embodied by the likes of Musk, Thiel, and Zuck.… Continue reading The Rise of STEM: Wealth and Intellectualism Über Alles

STEM vs. Liberal Arts: Which is Harder?

The essay Who’s the alpha male now, bitches? got me thinking – not about the subject matter of angst-ridden young adults and mass shootings, but the inimitable eloquence of the writing style itself. The precision and skill of how the words were chosen and arranged to make the essay informative yet galvanizing. So, is STEM… Continue reading STEM vs. Liberal Arts: Which is Harder?

Our STEM Nobility

From Fortune: Here’s why female engineers are posting pictures of themselves on social media Everyone is obsessed with STEM, particularity with females in STEM. Would Fortune do a cover article about ‘this is what a female hair stylist looks like?’ no. A STEM degree, particularly in mathematics, physics, computer science, or engineering is the cachet… Continue reading Our STEM Nobility