Our STEM Nobility

From Fortune: Here’s why female engineers are posting pictures of themselves on social media

Everyone is obsessed with STEM, particularity with females in STEM. Would Fortune do a cover article about ‘this is what a female hair stylist looks like?’ no.

A STEM degree, particularly in mathematics, physics, computer science, or engineering is the cachet of nobility in our New Economy. Just like the British are deferential to the royal family, online in America everyone talks effusively about STEM. In the post-2008 economy, STEM is the new ‘Rock Star‘ status and Asperger’s/Autism is the new ‘Cool‘. High intelligence in and of itself exudes credibility and authenticity in a world of phonies who get by on good social skills instead of competence.

As evidenced by recent economic trends in income vs. educational attainment, people who use their brains instead of their looks are, by in large, the winners of the New Economy we find ourselves in – a cutthroat economy where productivity and results are more important than ever, where the middle class is being hollowed out, and average is over. Either be exceptional or be on the cutting block. This is because IQ is more important than ever, even people who are otherwise oblivious to HBD know this. Parents know this, which is why they waste so much money on useless DVDs and toys intended to boost their baby’s IQ. No one wants their kid to grow up to be a hair stylist – it means you failed as a parent (even though low IQ preordains many to these unspectacular, low-paying occupations).

Since 2013 or so, we’re also seeing the unexpected bridging of the age-old nerd-jock divide. Up until recently, techies and jocks wanted little to do with each other, and then that all changed with the rise of the Red Pill movement, particularly on Reddit, with STEM being the preferred major for adherents of neo-masculinity, in a nerd-jock alliance against useless liberal arts degrees and political correctness.