The Daily View: Math Resurgence, Economic Growth, Student Loans

The Math Revolution:The number of American teens who excel at advanced math has surged. This agree with earlier posts I have written countering the commonly held belief that America is ‘dumbing down’, when in fact it may not be. It also agrees with posts about the rise of ‘nerd culture’, and how STEM skills are… Continue reading The Daily View: Math Resurgence, Economic Growth, Student Loans

Functional Stock Market Theory

The idea is that the stock market can be described through a functional that is constrained by endpoint conditions depending on characteristics of the stock or market, such as volume, duration, and geometric factors. The theory borrows some concepts of relativity, but is simpler because the stock market occupies a single spatial dimension instead of… Continue reading Functional Stock Market Theory

STEM vs. Liberal Arts: Which is Harder?

The essay Who’s the alpha male now, bitches? got me thinking – not about the subject matter of angst-ridden young adults and mass shootings, but the inimitable eloquence of the writing style itself. The precision and skill of how the words were chosen and arranged to make the essay informative yet galvanizing. So, is STEM… Continue reading STEM vs. Liberal Arts: Which is Harder?

Ongoing Research

For the handful of people who visit this site, I try to cultivate a unique experience for the reader. You may not agree with much – if any – of it, but at least it’s unique. One assume my interests are limited to fringe ideologies, but I also have a fondness for mathematics. Last year… Continue reading Ongoing Research