Ongoing Research

For the handful of people who visit this site, I try to cultivate a unique experience for the reader. You may not agree with much – if any – of it, but at least it’s unique. One assume my interests are limited to fringe ideologies, but I also have a fondness for mathematics. Last year I tried to create an option pricing formula under the assumption that the stock price is not permitted to fall below a certain level. The results are mixed in that it’s purely theoretical as such a situation will never arise in real life, and an option pricing formula is only useful if one assumes that quoted option prices can somehow be improved and or are wrong, a view that would go against some efficient market theories.

However the audience for math is even smaller than for neoreaction and rationality. It’s pretty much nonexistent. Another problem with math is that pretty much everything, no matter how obscure, has been found. You can always write something from a new angle or come up with a new top-10 list, but math concepts require considerably more research. Recently developed new infinite series for calculating the circumference of an ellipse, that is very fast and works for all eccentricities. Since James Ivory and Gauss – Kummer’s hypergeometric series and Arthur Cayley’s log series for eccentric ellipses, to the best of my knowledge no further non-trivial (non trivial I mean by not iterating the elliptic integral or truncating an existing hypergeometric series multiple times) infinite series have been recorded. I derived the first of these new formula in 2009, visiting the problem in 2015 and found some errors that I resolved:

I try to put the same attention to detail and accuracy in these posts as I do in math. So if what I write seems wrong to outsiders, I’m still usually right – sometimes it’s just a matter of time before I’m vindicated. The skills in mathematics can be applied indirectly to analyzing news and events by filtering out the noise from the signal and arriving at the correct conclusion – just as you would arrive at the correct answer in a math problem. But I have been patently wrong on a few occasions, and that is part of the process, too.