Why Thomas Sowell Never Got a Nobel Prize

From Wikipedia: ‘On the right and in conservative and libertarian quarters, Sowell is lauded as a “giant”,[40] brilliant,[41] one of the most original[42] and prolific intellects of our time,[43] “a national treasure.”[44] and someone to whom a Nobel Prize should have been awarded long ago.’ So why, in spite of his prolific output spanning six… Continue reading Why Thomas Sowell Never Got a Nobel Prize

The Gift of Autism

Some recent blog posts about autism: Autism, genius, and the power of obliviousness “The A-Word”–when “autism” is used as an insult A distinction must be made between high-functioning and low-functioning autism; this article discusses the former. It seems like in today’s economy and society, autism and or autism-like traits are more of a gift than… Continue reading The Gift of Autism

Autism/Asperger’s the New ‘Cool’?

Yesterday the site was hacked and someone posted made a bogus post about poetry, which I deleted this morning. Self-hosted WordPress is a magnet for hackers and spammers. A post on Hacker News about an autistic Wikipedia editor, Guillaume Paumier, went viral, generating thousands of page views for Paumier’s site and heaps of laudatory approbation… Continue reading Autism/Asperger’s the New ‘Cool’?