The Biotech/Heathcare Scam Bubble Bursts

In early 2015, I expressed sentiment of healthcare and biotechnology being a ‘scam’, divided into two parts: 1. The ‘scam’ of exorbitantly priced treatments (orphan drugs) for rare diseases, which are paid for by taxpayers. Since policy makers have this fixed belief that every life is worth saving at any cost, drug companies have an… Continue reading The Biotech/Heathcare Scam Bubble Bursts

Improving Society and Policy

From Jim: Fixing housing, health, and education. The fundamental problem is the misallocation of public resources. Replace costly, time-consuming diplomas with SATs, Wondericks, and other IQ-like proxies, to signal competence. Employers realize that GPAs are becoming diluted due to grade inflation. This also explains why there is a push by the left to make these… Continue reading Improving Society and Policy

Abortion and Crime Revisited

The left wishes this weren’t so: Abortion: History’s Greatest Crime Fighting Tool Still not convinced? Don’t worry. There is more. The states with the highest abortion rates in the 1970s saw the greatest decline in crime in the 1990s, while states with low abortion rates experienced smaller crime drops. Furthermore, studies of Canada, Romania, and… Continue reading Abortion and Crime Revisited

The Daily View: 1/17/2016 (lots of stuff)

From Fred Reed: The Inevitability of Eugenics I predict within 50 years America will start giving Eugenics a serious consideration as a way to tackle the growing entitlement spending problem, which by then will be much bigger than it is now if trends persist. Liberals and conservative alike need to get over this squeamishness of… Continue reading The Daily View: 1/17/2016 (lots of stuff)

Theranos, Part 2

part 1 From iSteve (STEVE SAILER) Theranos: The Elizabeth Holmes Reality Distortion Field Another thing people have to realize about Theranos and other high-valued startups, these companies are funded by wealthy investors who are aware of the risks. They don’t need pundits lecturing them about the inherent risks of investing in hot startups. Everyone wants… Continue reading Theranos, Part 2

Abortion & Healthcare Policy

From Evolutionist-X” In Defense of Planned Parenthood On numerous occasions, this blog has argued that Republicans could support abortion as a way of reducing entitlement spending and crime, which I discuss further here. The usual rebuttal is that this is the policy of Margaret Sanger and other liberals. Maybe fifty years ago, but nowadays if… Continue reading Abortion & Healthcare Policy

Physician Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia May Lower Healthcare Costs

California Legalizes Assisted Dying for the Terminally Ill To clarify the subtlety between physician assisted suicide and euthanasia: Physician-assisted suicide refers to the physician providing the means for death, most often with a presciption. The patient, not the physician, will ultimately administer the lethal medication. Euthanasia generally means that the physician would act directly, for… Continue reading Physician Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia May Lower Healthcare Costs

Affordable Housing, Healthcare, & Tuition: Putting Things in Perspective

Vox Day writes: The SJWs and cuckservatives celebrate diversity, but what they are also celebrating is poverty. America’s living standards have fallen considerably since 1973, but no one realizes it yet because the combination of technological advancement and debt-spending conceals that fact. But it gradually becomes obvious, as Americans become increasingly unable to afford houses… Continue reading Affordable Housing, Healthcare, & Tuition: Putting Things in Perspective

We’re Not Broke

The documentary We’re Not Broke went viral on Reddit. The synopsis is that the Republicans are wrong about America being broke, and that there would be more money for social programs and infrastructure if tax loopholes and other problems were fixed. Despite being on the right, I agree with the ‘left’ that America is not… Continue reading We’re Not Broke

The Healthcare Scam

Vertex‚Äôs Cystic-Fibrosis Drug Faces Big Test Vertex, based in Boston, Mass., already has a hit cystic-fibrosis drug in Kalydeco, which has a wholesale annual per-patient price of $311,000 in the U.S., and had $464 million in global sales last year. But Kalydeco treats a relatively rare type of cystic fibrosis, with a market of only… Continue reading The Healthcare Scam