Theranos: The Cards Fall

With recent news of Theranos voiding test results, and other revelations, there is now a definite possibility Theranos has been mortally wounded and that my earlier optimism may have been misplaced. But now even accusations of ‘fraud’ are being thrown around, and I think that’s where the line needs to be drawn. From zr0h3dge:… Continue reading Theranos: The Cards Fall

Theranos, Part 2

part 1 From iSteve (STEVE SAILER) Theranos: The Elizabeth Holmes Reality Distortion Field Another thing people have to realize about Theranos and other high-valued startups, these companies are funded by wealthy investors who are aware of the risks. They don’t need pundits lecturing them about the inherent risks of investing in hot startups. Everyone wants… Continue reading Theranos, Part 2

Giving Theranos the benefit of the doubt

From Social Matter Desperately Seeking Susan Jobs My opinion is somewhat different. Keep in mind, the women SJWs tend to promote have zero redeeming qualities – think Sandra Fluke, Sandra Bland, Mattress Girl. Elizabeth Holmes, along with her accomplices, created this company that seems successful (it’s herpes simplex 1 virus test received FDA clearance), even… Continue reading Giving Theranos the benefit of the doubt