Scott and Postmodernism

Scott and postmodernism A few days ago, Scott offered a sort of layperson’s guide to postmodernism, Postmodernism For Rationalists (my attempt). I thought it was a good write-up, but enough didn’t that Scott felt compelled to write a follow-up essay to defend himself. Part of the problem is that Scott is trying to make concrete… Continue reading Scott and Postmodernism

Individual Ideological & Philosophical Classification System

Inspired a Quilette post Universalism Not Centrism, I’m working on a classification system that can be applied to ideological groups and individuals, and to summarize key points. The goal is to create a classification system that encompasses most individuals and ideologies. Defnitions: Intersectionality: a concept in social theory in which the whole is greater than… Continue reading Individual Ideological & Philosophical Classification System

Defending Postmodernism

In an earlier post, perhaps I was too hard on postmodernism. From Jordan Peterson: He says they don’t have gratitude, presumably directed at millennials who are being brainwashed with postmodernism but unaware of it, but also directed at the postmodernists themselves, who are doing the brainwashing. Regarding socioeconomic outcomes, in agreement with Peterson, the postmodernist… Continue reading Defending Postmodernism

Jordan Peterson and Postmodernism

My approach is respectful and sincere, and rooted in my love of truth. While I do think that many college students are prone to over-theorizing and zealous, hot-headed action, I don’t see it as a phenomenon specifically associated with postmodern thinkers. I also believe that Postmodern theorists, including Foucault and Derrida, are largely on the… Continue reading Jordan Peterson and Postmodernism

Postmodernism: not just for liberals

This article went viral: Don’t Major in Literature The author, Max Diamond, although mostly correct, despite the pretense of intellectualism, offers a reductionist conclusion: that postmodernism and nihilism are leftist constructs and are always wrong. I don’t think it’s that simple. Foucault, an exponent of the blank slate, denies the existence of an innate human… Continue reading Postmodernism: not just for liberals