Understanding Comes Before Change

America, it’s economy, and the news cycle is still in auto-pilot mode since early 2014 or so, going nowhere at a 1000 miles an hour. Everyone in the media wants crisis and mayhem, for ratings and clicks and page views, but the few crisis that come (such as the France attack) are short-lived, leaving the… Continue reading Understanding Comes Before Change

The Daily View: Never Take Financial Advice From Zerohedge

Why you shouldn’t take financial advice from Zer0hedge: This is the 3rd-longest bull market in US history, and by my assessment it has much further to go. Zerohedge have been bearish since the bull market began six years ago, and anyone who heeded their warnings to stay out would have missed some incredible gains. Interest… Continue reading The Daily View: Never Take Financial Advice From Zerohedge

Abortion & Healthcare Policy

From Evolutionist-X” In Defense of Planned Parenthood On numerous occasions, this blog has argued that Republicans could support abortion as a way of reducing entitlement spending and crime, which I discuss further here. The usual rebuttal is that this is the policy of Margaret Sanger and other liberals. Maybe fifty years ago, but nowadays if… Continue reading Abortion & Healthcare Policy

Thomas Sowell on The Bell Curve

In his book Black Rednecks and White Liberals, Sowell blames ‘redneck’ culture for black dysfunction, arguing that white culture made blacks dysfunctional: What the [white] rednecks or crackers brought with them across the ocean was a whole constellation of attitudes, values, and behavior patterns that might have made sense in the world in which they… Continue reading Thomas Sowell on The Bell Curve

NRx and Christianity

I know there are some people in the NRx-sphere who are practicing Christians, notably Nick B. Steves, as evidenced by the picture of Sancta Maria on his blog, and Vox Day, by his numerous writings – in particular his book The Irrational Atheist, but Vox in 2014 renounced the NRx label, although he’s still lumped… Continue reading NRx and Christianity

Thoughts on France

Sigh…more terrorism by Muslims in France…not the first time, and probably won’t be the last. Trump: Paris Attacks ‘Much Different’ If France Had More Guns Not so sure about this. It’s not like everyone is armed and clairvoyant of an impending attack, especially not attendees of a concert. Terrorists, after all, have the advantage of… Continue reading Thoughts on France

IQ Roundup

This week, some interesting posts about IQ: From Pumpkin Person The SAT is said to correlate about as well with IQ as two different IQ tests correlate with one another. In his book Real Education (pg 69-70), Charles Murray claims that only 17 year olds capable of getting an 1180+ on the post 1995 SAT… Continue reading IQ Roundup

Jim Simons: A rare interview with the mathematician who cracked Wall Street

Pretty impressive. His strategy is to sift through immense quantities of data to find patterns and then exploit these patters until they stop working. However, the Renaissance Medallion fund since 1993 has been closed to to the general public and is only available to employees of Renaissance Technologies. The computer-driven Medallion fund has made an… Continue reading Jim Simons: A rare interview with the mathematician who cracked Wall Street


#Nationaloffendacollegestudentday is going viral on Imgur and Twitter. These tweets are great; here are some: As part of the post-2013 SJW backlash, smart millennials on Reddit, Imgur, 4chan and elsewhere are disabusing the leftist lies told to them by their parents, teachers, and clergy. No, you’re not special. Quantifiable results matter. Some people are better… Continue reading #Nationaloffendacollegestudentday