The Free Trade & Globalization Debate

From Vox Day: The Price of Free Trade In the context of this debate, ‘free trade’ includes exports, offshoring, and insourcing & outcsourcing (of labor), or just simply globalization. The problem with macro economics is with the exception of the fundamentals (like comparative advantage), there is seldom a consensus, unlike subjects such as mathematics and… Continue reading The Free Trade & Globalization Debate

Looking A Gift Horse in the Mouth – the Decline of the SJW Movement

Scott’s latest article, LOOKING A GIFT HORSE IN THE MOUTH, is going massively viral with over 500 comments in just the past 16 or so hours, most in agreement. The fact that even those on the ‘left’ like Scott are voicing dissent about social justice is further evidence we are winning, or at least the… Continue reading Looking A Gift Horse in the Mouth – the Decline of the SJW Movement

The Nordic Fairytale

Why Denmark isn’t the utopian fantasy Bernie Sanders describes It is fantastic in theory, except that, in Denmark, the quality of the free education and health care is substandard: They are way down on the PISA [Programme for International Student Assessment] educational rankings, have the lowest life expectancy in the region, and the highest rates… Continue reading The Nordic Fairytale

Libertarianism and NRx/Dark Enlightenment

From The Right Stuff: Libertarianism and Marxism: The Twin Offspring of Liberalism Hmmm…this may be a false equivalency. Libertarians believe in private property, personal autonomy (non-aggression principle), and the ‘ownership society’; Marxists, Communists, and Anarchists typically don’t. The central underlying assumption of Marxism (and by extension, of all the SJW nonsense that is plaguing us… Continue reading Libertarianism and NRx/Dark Enlightenment

Pro-Technology = Marxist?

From Esoteric Trad: Neoreaction’s elephant in the room Techno-Commercialists make up a portion of NRx and their position is quite popular. Maybe he means it’s popular outside of NRx, but from my observation it’s no longer popular inside of NRx, in which the trichotomy has become a dichotomy of traditionalists and ethno-nationalists, with the techno-commercialists… Continue reading Pro-Technology = Marxist?

The Daily View: Good Tweets, Socialism, The White Male Die-Off

IQ facts: Race and intelligence: get the facts. — Librarian of Hate (@LibrarianofHate) November 4, 2015 High-IQ wins again as Facebook’s valuation crosses $300 billion. But I thought Facebook was supposed to be a bubble and a fad, said the left in 2012. Facebook market cap is just over $300B. — Chris Dixon (@cdixon)… Continue reading The Daily View: Good Tweets, Socialism, The White Male Die-Off

Don’t Blame the Fed – Blame Stupid People, Liberalism, Democracy

Bitcoin keeps going up, now $110 higher than my post about it last week and over $220 higher than my purchase price: Anyway, someone posts: We all know the state of the financial world is far from good, just a few points: Government debt at unprecedented levels. Still at emergency easing levels 8 years later… Continue reading Don’t Blame the Fed – Blame Stupid People, Liberalism, Democracy

Facebook – Protecting Your Privacy

Why Facebook Is Emasculating And How To Stop It The solution, of course, is to delete your profile. And while some Conservatives complain about Facebook (as the ROK article above does), many conservatives and libertarians use Facebook. And Facebook is hardly liberal in the sense that it generates billions of dollars of revenue a year… Continue reading Facebook – Protecting Your Privacy

The Millennial Economic Tailwind/Dividend

I write a lot about millennials and Reddit is because this is a demographic, and ignoring or dismissing them could be counterproductive by alienating a potentially very large audience. There is also a trend of journalists spreading doom and gloom about millennials – doom and gloom and generalizations about student loan debt, college being a… Continue reading The Millennial Economic Tailwind/Dividend