#Nationaloffendacollegestudentday is going viral on Imgur and Twitter.

These tweets are great; here are some:

As part of the post-2013 SJW backlash, smart millennials on Reddit, Imgur, 4chan and elsewhere are disabusing the leftist lies told to them by their parents, teachers, and clergy. No, you’re not special. Quantifiable results matter. Some people are better than others. Genes affect socioeconomic outcomes. People are ‘special’ for their accomplishments, not for merely existing. Incentives matter, not ‘good’ intentions (increasing unemployment benefits discourages working, for example). And stop complaining about the student loans that you under your own volition took out, although there is some empathy for those who majored in respectable fields but are unable to find work due to the perpetually anemic labor market. If you majored in, say, gender-queer studies or child development, tough shit.

However, it’s always useful to read the comments:

As a college student, I too hate these mythical college students who believe those things you are bashing. I’ll let you know if I find any

Going to college doesn’t necessarily make one a welfare liberal, and as part of the SJW-backlash I imagine there are many college students who agree with the tweets instead of being offended, so we must not generalize all college students as being brainwashed.

But anyway liberals, you’re losing.