Religion of Peace Strikes Again

Suspected Orlando gunman identified, has ‘some connection to ISIS’ Mass shootings and other acts of domestic terrorism have surged under Obama: Possible reasons include the exceptionally polarizing nature of the Obama administration, which provokes extremists. Also, Obama’s softness on terrorism and affinity to Islam. As I alluded to yesterday, Islamic terrorism is the greatest threat… Continue reading Religion of Peace Strikes Again

The Daily View: Turkey, Isolationism, & Islam

How to Carve a Turkey – Begin with Airstrikes. This Thanksgiving, it looks like the biggest turkey of all is Turkey, for f-ing up big time in striking down that Russian warplane. For those who want to bet against Turkey’s continued economic decline, short TUR. Things are going to get worse. That’s what happens when… Continue reading The Daily View: Turkey, Isolationism, & Islam

Thoughts on France

Sigh…more terrorism by Muslims in France…not the first time, and probably won’t be the last. Trump: Paris Attacks ‘Much Different’ If France Had More Guns Not so sure about this. It’s not like everyone is armed and clairvoyant of an impending attack, especially not attendees of a concert. Terrorists, after all, have the advantage of… Continue reading Thoughts on France