Understanding Comes Before Change

America, it’s economy, and the news cycle is still in auto-pilot mode since early 2014 or so, going nowhere at a 1000 miles an hour. Everyone in the media wants crisis and mayhem, for ratings and clicks and page views, but the few crisis that come (such as the France attack) are short-lived, leaving the media hardly satiated. We have the media rattling their sabers, trying scare people, yet stocks keep going up, with the S&P 500 up 2% this week rebuking the welfare liberals who wanted the economy to succumb to terrorism. If you look at the top of this site it says, ‘enlightenment through understanding’, which means that ‘enlightenment’ isn’t through getting mad, predicting crisis, or trying to change the world, but from merely understanding it and then acting accordingly. Just the ‘understanding’ part is hard for people, because so many have been brainwashed by both the mainstream and alternative media. The whole media complex is about getting people agitated and scared, for clicks and pageviews, or to quote Mike Stathis, the media is about creating the illusion of useful content so they can sell you advertising. I used to follow the news, now I don’t, except for a handful of sites. Most of it is just crap. My advice is to just go Reddit and read the comments, since that is where the truth usually is, anyway. Same for Britbart, which debunked the comments falsely attributed to Trump about an ID program for Muslims:

Trump does not say yes or no. Instead, he dodges the question, and comes back to the question of monitoring mosques (which the U.S. has done in the past): “We’re going to have to–we’re going to have to look at a lot of things very closely,” Trump said when presented with the idea. “We’re going to have to look at the mosques. We’re going to have to look very, very carefully.”

In a nation infested by college cry bullies, this is why the liberal media is losing credibility, when the truth is just a couple mouse clicks away.

But if the status quo sucks, shouldn’t we try to change it? First you understand it, but change is too hard. Acceptance is easier. The stock portfolio I manage is up 20% this year because I accepted based on the empirical evidence that there won’t be a crisis and that the market would keep going up, thus, due to my understanding, I ignored the clowns on Zerohedge, for example, who said to sell stocks and short bonds due to imagined hyperinflation that never came. While some parts of the status quo suck (feminists, liberals, etc), other parts are good: technology – clean running water, for example, which some countries don’t even have. Capitalism creates abundance, but it also brings change – structural unemployment and wealth inequality. It creates winners and losers, with the losers being the ‘takers’ or those who can’t keep up. That’s why cheap, abundant entertainment is important, to placate the masses. It sounds cynical that we have a nation of people ‘plugged in’ and not really contributing or creating, but that’s the point where’s we’re at now. Maybe the definition of ‘contributing’ is also changing, as the American Dream is redefined. In the past, ‘contributing’ maybe meant a 9-5 job, but now perhaps it’s watching Netflix or uploading pictures to Facebook – both of which create economic value for the aforementioned companies, even if to many such activities seem unproductive. Maybe ‘contributing’ is through a ‘gig job’ such as Uber or Taskrabbit…who knows. The world is changing, and, no, you can’t get off this ride.

For those of you who are in the knowledge economy who have high-IQs, you have the ability to become learning machines, to become successful and speed to catch new trends, and to see what other people don’t. If you’re smart, you can read a book or an article and get insight your friends cannot see. For example: a 17-year old starts an app company, Summly, which he sells to Yahoo for $40 million. Two twenty-somethings start Snapchat and are worth billions, on their way to being as rich as Bill Gates. Opportunities are seen with minds, not eyes. Leftist delusions serve no good in becoming successful. On a scale of 1-10, ’10’ means you are a genius and can read a book in a single day with full comprehension, and’1-3′ means you are slow, probably in the special ed class as a kid. Does not read books. ‘4-6’ is average. If you are ‘>7’, you’re wealthy cognitively, with the potential to become successful. If you’re at least a ‘9’, you probably have significant above average net-worth for your age and probably a high-IQ. Too many people have been brainwashed by liberalism and are delusional, thinking they are smart, victims of Dunning–Kruger. If I ask you IQ questions and you cannot answer most of them, you are probably a ‘4-5’. Half the world is a ‘5’. All that matters is winning in the end: it’s both a beautiful and shitty part of life. I read about the left blaming the recession for being failures at life, and I din’t want that to be me. I want you to not be delusional.