Public Policy and Obesity

seem oblivious to basic awareness of GMO, HFCS, refined sugars, fluoride, aspartame,…

In the past, it was liberals who made a big deal about food additives, but interestingly, with the post-2013 rise of Red Pill, neo masculinity, and ‘gym culture’, and with the backlash against fat acceptance, conservatives are becoming the new ‘health nuts’, which originally was the domain of the left (Michelle Obama’s push for healthier school lunches, for example, and Bill de Blasio’s push for banning soft drinks in schools).

Many on the right, particularity in the manosphere, now see obesity and the bad food and parenting that gives rise to it as an issue of public concern that affects everyone through the higher healthcare costs, which is a waste of taxpayer money that could be better spent than keeping fat people, who tend to have bad impulse control, alive longer.

And I agree with this position. Bad lifestyles, once they develop public externalities, can no longer be hand-waved under the pretense of personal freedom. The same goes for my stance on mandatory birth control for welfare recipients, with possible sterilization for repeat offenders who get pregnant, because welfare, like healthcare, is a public resource. The “Bechtloff” also agrees:

If you want to be obese, fine, but if uninsured you waive your right to public healthcare, including emergency room access and medicare. As you can see below, obesity is very expensive for both businesses and tax payers:

In the instances where obesity is not environmental, my position is still the same because denying public healthcare to treat obesity-related ailments prevents the genes for obesity from being propagated, which saves businesses and taxpayers money over the long-run.