Media Outrage Fuels Trump Campaign

Trump mocks reporter’s chronic illness — and MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ cruelly laughs about it


Donald Trump’s various rude and offensive comments haven’t hurt him at all

Trump’s strategy is to get the media to overreact, which brings the issue to the forefront of the National Debate.

Even if there’s no definitive proof New Jersey Muslims weren’t partying in response to 911, it’s plausible some were celebrating (maybe in other ways), and that’s good enough. He’s planting seeds in the minds of millions of potential voters that, yes, we do have a Muslim problem in America. Trump is controlling the narrative, and that’s what matters. As we saw last week with Trump’s ‘incorrect’ race and crime statistics, the liberal media in trying to ‘correct’ Trump, is falling into his trap.

This leftist outrage will blow over. The media is trying to foment a narrative of collective outrage when, in reality, many people probably thought his impression (assuming it was intentional) was kinda funny and accurate.

There is also evidence Trump was not mimicking the reporter’s disability, but his inability to remember what he wrote 14 years ago:

Trump isn’t mocking the reporter’s handicap. You need to watch the video. Then, read Scott’s “Update” in the blog post above and the accompanying cartoon. Trump is mocking the reporter’s confusion from a story he wrote 14 years ago, and now can’t remember, can’t remember if it is true, can’t remember if what he wrote is true, can’t explain why just a few days earlier the Washington Post claimed to have run a Lexis/Nexis search on all media finding no contemporaneous evidence of Trump’s claim and yet it was printed IN THEIR OWN PAPER!

And on a related note, if the disabled want full integration in society and to be treated as ‘equals’, that includes possible ridicule and mockery. Liberals want protected status and equality, but the two cannot coexist.

Also, Serge Kovaleski, being that he’s a journalist for a major publication, is a public figure. Had Trump mocked some random person with a disability, it would have been far worse. Trump knows this – he only targets public figures, who should be able to take the heat.

Scott Adams writes:

2. Trump mocked an enemy reporter who has a physical disability. In the video, Trump does a sarcastic physical impression of the man that is hilarious to anyone with a sick sense of humor but appalling to anyone who has the least bit of respect for humankind. Personally, I’m in that second group, and I advise you to pretend you’re in it too.

So I guess everyone else who laughed is a sicko, according to Scott. Humor is a coping mechanism to help people get through the monotony of a world that has been cuckold by political correctness. If we can’t laugh at the absurdity of it all, even if it’s possibly mean spirited or inappropriate, then you’ve eliminated a refuge for many people. Especially ironic coming from a cartoonist, of all people, whose job it is to make people laugh.

Part of humor is the reaction, not just the prop or the joke. It was funny making jokes about Obama during the 2008 and 2012 campaigns not because of the jokes themselves, but how I imagined the left would react to reading them.