Biological Determinism Bull Market Rages On

Stocks keep going up, as the economy is fundamentally sound and biological determinism means that those who are cognitively unfit to participate in the post-2008 wealth creation boom have to watch from the sidelines, clinging to their erroneous beliefs that the economy is weak and the market is rigged. This belief gives the left false hope, that the reason why so many are falling between the cracks in what has otherwise been an unending wealth creation boom is because of corruption and other environmental factors – not intelligence, or lack thereof. Dow 20,000 soon. Mastercard, Visa, Ali Baba, Google, and Facebook stock will keep going up. Historians will look back at the post-2008 era as the crossing of the Rubicon of humanity’s transition from a type 0 to a type 1 civilization, eventually culminating in the construction of a Matrix, as well as the development of Strong AI, memory implantation, unified theories of everything, asteroid mining and the colonization of the moon and mars.