Is the ‘Dark Enlightenment’ Already Here?

The Grey Enlightenment is a moderate, optimistic offshoot of the ‘Dark Enlightenment’. The differences are explained here. The Grey Enlightenment can be described as neoconservatism and minarchism meets social Darwinism and HBD. It appropriates ideas of supply side economics, monetarism, and free market capitalism with biological determinism and eugenics.

The ‘Dark Enlightenment’, also known as the neo-reactionary movement, is opposed to democracy and egalitarianism and seeks to replace our current system of governance with a monarchy or some autocratic form of rule. But could we already be in the ‘Dark Enlightenment’? Biological determinism is making whatever little democracy America had obsolete. Arguably, America has a caste system stratified by IQ, with the cognitive elite typically residing at the very top. With the exception of some moral decay in pop culture, maybe America, more so than any other country, is closer to attaining the ideals of the ‘Dark Enlightenment’? Socioeconomically, with record high wealth inequality, egalitarianism has been dead for quite awhile, assuming it ever existed.